Red's Master Breeding Paths


The red’s path for orange and green is same know ? Did any changes in that path ?


Master breeding path and best breeding path are a bit different for orange and green tiers. Best path is focused on very few select dragons per tier. If you want to get other dragons, you can backbreed later.


Umm ok? I seen a new plan for 3 million tokens and was asking about it lol Not sure what the problem is…

And Red that all is very vague…

Out of date meaning what? They no longer work?

It had 5 of the 9…The only Obsidian dragons the plan I was looking at of his didn’t have was Girasol, Mafic, Hedran and Lumina

140k + 220k + 225k + 15k = 600k

Icicle 3 plan 3.6 million tokens

Superman’s 3 million token plan + Those 4 dragons is 3.6

So it seems they are both about the same neither is really cheaper. So I guess I’ll just be staying put :+1:


Out of date meaning they don’t include any changes that came after October 16th, 2017. This update included 60 changes to the breeding tables from Sapphire through Obsidian. I don’t check other people’s paths to see if he has any errors. In general, I advise people not to follow photos as you never know when they were last updated.


Yeah the path was from May-Jun 17 :grimacing: Some of it probably no longer works…


Couldn’t find a thread that specifically answered this… at what level can you have emerald dragons?


If you look at her breeding paths, it will tell you the minimum player level required in order to breed that specific dragon :blush:


Thank you very much. I made a copy and am trying to figure out how to mark the steps I have finished, so it will show progress in the path. Have a simple version working now, but I am not good in Google docs.
Maybe somone is able to introduce a feature, where you can mark the finished step and see the next dragon you will get plus the remaining cost.
Even so these paths are an amazing help, wish I had followed the from the start.


Red, hows A&A #5? Curious just because I was expecting to see it on your Strength/Level Graph.

Thank you again for putting these together. SO HELPFUL!!!


Awesome work like always Red!



There are a lot more options than people realize and than were provided at first. I am working on updates now. Thanks to @Sandberg and his amazing amazing site:


Lol I still remember the last time I saw this message. We waiting :slight_smile:


I will be modifying my breeding paths after this to work in the following blocks:

Red-Green (1, maybe edits)
Gold-Platinum (5)
Red-Platinum (1)
Sapphire-Emerald (8+)
Obsidian-Harbinger (15+ right now)

These blocks will allow players to easier:

  • Read paths and understand them
  • Distinguish between different paths
  • Make choices based on where they are for easier planning
  • Change directions without severe consequences
  • Avoid people saying “But I found this out of date path missing 1.5 tiers that is cheaper than yours” because they can’t see or comprehend that I am using updated costs and like, new tiers and shit.

As usual, all my old paths will be saved in the “Old Paths” tab. Just be aware that a severe change will be coming to the look of my paths. I will update the “how to” page to have a simple FAQ as well.

If you have any suggestions or comments, make sure you join me on my stream tomorrow at 11am EST (12 hours 40 minutes from this post) at


Official Harbinger Update

  • Cost updates in Sapphire+ (shown in blue using @Sandberg’s
  • Format change to Sapphire-Emerald & Obsidian-Harbinger to allow for more precise customization and future path choices
  • Format change to include the title frozen on the left. Includes required dragons to begin path, path title, general list of dragons obtained (1st of each tier, mythics), cost, which path can be used next.
  • Removed Icicle 3 (Icicle 4 is nearly identical just without Frost and slightly cheaper)
  • Color coded stronger paths (get Hau, Noctua early = darker color)
  • Removed early data and created an FAQ on the first page.
  • Added a flow chart to show people the path choice options (also seen below, click to enlarge).
  • Extra egg tokens and such not complete yet.

Click to enlarge


Thank you for all your hard work on these paths and for being willing to share!

That graphic looks awesome and is super helpful for seeing how they fit together.


You have outdone yourself, love.
That chart makes breeding as easy as rhyming off the arithmetic table of 1.


i couldnt see how to connect aa-3 and x girasol-1 paths without kerbos? zaru+aa for full price or is there any other bacbreed, shortcut?


Amazing work Red! :heart_eyes:
Absolutely love the flow chart! Great overview of the many different paths.


Yes the flowchart is super helpful!


Awesome work Red!

Would it be possible to link to all of the different paths on the flow chart from the chart? Trying to help some new players and it is confusing to start on the “Best” path, stop at platinum, pick a new path, etc because I think the “Best” path still shows to Sapphire and “Not Updated” etc. want to make sure they are using the best info available.


Edit, I’ve since noticed you aren’t updating the “Best” path until all of Harbinger is released. Thanks :+1: