Red's Master Breeding Paths


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Since has been launched, I will be removing the Rulith website soon (and a “go to will be in its place). Due to this, I will be putting all of my breeding paths onto this one spreadsheet!

But wait, there’s more.

I’ve dedicated my three years playing to helping others, especially with breeding paths. There are over 100+ custom breeding paths I’ve made recently alone, so I’ve decided to branch out my pre-Sapphire paths to fit more players. These are not yet done and I’ve only recently begun adding them.


  • Gold - Plat paths that players starting at any point with any two green legendaries can find at least one path they can use. All finish with 4/5 platinums and this have the ability to go to any of my Sapphire-Emerald paths.
  • Orange - Green paths that assume a player has no oranges whatsoever. These will end up with at least 2 green legendaries and can go to a set number of the Gold-Plat paths.
  • Red - Blue paths that will be few in number (as most people are past this point) but effective to go onto other paths.
  • Red’s Best path will have it’s own tab AND keep its own unique home for those players who get overwhelmed by multiple choices
  • Red’s Cheapest (Red-Harbiger) will be made public once again and will have it’s own tab here

Community Input
If there is a particular starting place you’d like to see me cover “hey Red, I have Karna and Urd as my two legendary Greens - could you make some paths starting here” - please let me know.

As usual, I love that you guys help me find errors and help me find better ways to do what we want to do. I’m always open to constructive comments so we can edit our community guides together.


One for pure F2P player please…

  1. One that doesn’t require (or with the least amount of) holding back/saving tokens. Some free rubies means a lot for F2P.
  2. One that doesn’t require crazy training, which consumes a lot of potions (enough with regular 40min-1h healing period. my average is breedable epic between breeding event, or legendary every 2 breeding event

I believe that such path will work for average E2P player as well.

Probably also one that allows early cheap eggs so that Builder hut can be upgraded as soon as possible (from red tier)


So you want all the dragons without having to plan, grind, or otherwise play the game?

Good luck with that.


I don’t think there’s much difference between a path pure f2p and elite. Pure f2p will level at half speed, and gain tokens at half speed, leaving you with more or less the same path, just twice as slow.

I’m not sure what ‘crazy training’ you’ve run into, but from platinum onwards pretty much every breeding step will require leveling legendaries or mythics, not much you can do about that. From that point the hard part is actually keeping up with egg tokens. As an elite-only non-spender, I can easily level the dragons for each step between breeding events by just running multipliers (mythics take a few extra runs, but nothing crazy). But getting the 30-40k tokens per week I need to keep doing one step every event will be a lot tougher.


@Lutrus: No. It still requires a plan. Grinding is still required, but not burning that much potions (I’ve heard that higher player requires burning several hundreds of potions. We, as F2P, cannot afford that much potions)
I mean, we train our dragon regularly (every 40 min to 1h) to save our potions.

@Morreion : I mean such training that we need to spend a lot of resources such as xp boost and heal potions. Lately, I burned over 100 potions and 80 xp boost just to prepare whale for next breeding (and it’s still far from breedable). I can’t do it everytime as my resources are limited.
Yes. Probably it’s similar to E2P


I got Whale myself during last breeding, and he’s now level 14. I do have elite, so I’m getting 75% more xp, but if I can get there in two weeks without spending a lot of potions, it should be doable in four weeks for f2p. I did of course use speed ups to hatch him, but you should have as many of those as I do, I don’t get any extra ones for elite.

If you’re not willing to speed up the hatching, you’re going to need to sit out a lot of the breeding events anyway, pretty much every dragon needed for breeding further on needs 20-30 days to hatch, and then another 20 days or so to level (with elite, using only multipliers). No breeding path can change that for you.

The good news is that because your dragons level slow, there is almost no need to use speed ups on your towers, as you would just out-level your dragons. So you’ll have plenty of speed ups left over to use for hatching.


Speeding up Hatching is fine with me as long as it’s not more than 2 eggs…
Most of my speedups were burnt into potions anyway :grin:


Once you hit the sapphire wall, you’ll typically only be getting one dragon anyway (if that :sweat_smile:) :joy:




Lies. When I breed A&A I get Apophet and Chompa along for free.

Edit: there aren’t many places where you can get multiple dragons with one breed, but it is possible. And I have gotten 2 dragons in one event before. (Though one was a backbreed).


I’m gonna try for frosty, anapa and part of Apo next week. Now just need to grind some tokens… :joy:


In platinum there are quite a few double eggs, but after that it’s generally one per step that you need for the next step. Unless you do two steps in one go (say Sekhem and Scorchill), but that requires some serious token saving prep too.

(edit: conversely, you can save some timers if you look ahead in your path and see how quickly you need the dragons. If you follow icicle 1, for example, and only breed Sekhem in the first step, there’s no need to speed up his hatching. You’ll need time to level up Scorchill anyway, so might as well let it hatch naturally and level them up together)

Leveling will still be somewhat tough. At level 108, leveling Sekhem without elite takes 57 days with just multipliers (green research, Kayla, no runes).You’d need to do 16 runs per day if you want to get him breedable in 28 days. If you’re level 126 it’s easier, just 7 runs per day will do it in one event then.

I much prefer to pay 42 euro’s a year and not have to do those mad numbers tbh, but I guess that choice depends on your personal situation. Aiming to get Hau in oktober myself, and I think that’ll be tough enough with elite… :sweat_smile:


Archimera, Rhyo (Marianas, Xenot) and Wraith next breed :))


You got a token farm or something? :joy:


It’s only like 380k tokens :slight_smile:


:scream::scream::scream::scream::scream: here i am with 112k and i thought i was doing well
hopefully i can grind those rubies into tokens by next week


I’m only at 90k or so… apparently I’ve been majorly slacking :woman_facepalming:t2: I’m also probably in a lower league (Plat 4) so that isn’t helping matters any :sweat_smile: (I am happy with my team though and am not interested in shopping for a new one.)


according to my spreadsheet i should be able to get hau next week, fingers crossed
btw we warred once and your defending is impecable