Red's Master Breeding Paths


Nah you’re just slacking :joy: :rofl:

I’m lvl 84 in Gold 1 and currently sitting on 171k tokens. My plan is to have around 350k piled up by the time I’m done with platinum and hit the Sapphire wall at ramming speed…


I did get pretty low on tokens at the end of last breed though :laughing: so a lot of those have been earned in the 3 weeks since last breeding event.


I’m on 150, need 250…will pop some chests so maybe need to farm 50-60k…


I’m doing about 25k a week, so still slacking more than you do :wink:

I got to work a little harder myself, my year-plan needs 30k a week or I’ll have trouble getting to Garnet before the year is over. Although some people in my team have called me a little crazy for mapping out monthly targets for garnet when I was still in green…


Good planning my friend!

I’ll have a problem at emerald. Will need to sit out a fort I think or I’ll over level.


Nice plans! Try to shoot for 4-5k a day, especially if you have level 1 ember.


I keep getting food and lumber missions…


Alas, my first account, so Ember was at 6 long before anyone told me. At least I never got his evo stones.


You’re in my boat then. Still, something to shoot for!


The path you’re looking for will be my cheapest. It will force you to lean almost entirely on your divines.


First, thank you. Thank you so much. I’ve been following your path since plat and been very happy. I was on a Icicle 1 before from the other spreadsheet that had a bunch more options. It looks very similar to this best path. Similar enough to where I don’t know where I am supposed to change direction. I am currently completely Ursa and then hitting Icicle then Ferga. Off hand do you remember the difference between Icicle 1 and the best path so I can adjust?


Icicle 1 is the Best Path :slight_smile:


Don’t need to shop, just join me in Plat 2




It’s very doable. Right before the last breeding event, I was almost exactly where you are and am sitting on ~240k tokens now, ~330k in token equivalents. I jumped up to 104 because I was getting impatient and wanted to move up two steps in the path this event; if you don’t do that, you’ll have an even bigger hoard than me.

Here are my plans regarding the sapphire wall:


  1. You guys seriously have got this in the bag. Good luck and godspeed to you two.
  2. That is a really cool gif :smile:


Just wanna say @Tinsir, you sir, are one cool dude :sunglasses::joy:


Before this breeding event I was gonna breed Kelvin and Vulcan, and from there on breed Sekhem and Scochill. I didn’t know if I was going with Icicle 1 or A&A 3 (the first six dragons are the same, so I would have some time to decide). I bred Kelvin and Vulcan, and got Kelvin breedable. I was sitting on 144K tokens by the end of the event, and I decided to breed Anapa as well, to help my team, and to get stronger divines. Afterwards I realized that I could backbreed Anapa later with A&A, but not with Icicle 1, so it looks like I have to follow Icicle 1 further. Was this a mistake?
Is Icicle 1 a good path,and an easy way to get Noc?


Icicle 1 is the best path for dragon strength and builders hut eggs


Nice, thank you! Gonna continue with that one then:)