Red's Master Breeding Paths


I started fixing my breeding along lines of icicle 4 now. Can someone please point out what im missing as difference vs icicle 1? Ive got the sapphire eggs for build hut btw… TIA


Icicle 1 goes for hau first, Icicle 4 goes for apo (builder eggs) first and back breeds hau.


Well, I Forgot about the builders hut😒

I took the A&A3 route and currently breeding a&a but looking at the options I Think I should change to A&A 4 because I get my 4 garnet eggs sooner
Any comments?


Well you need 12 of them in short order if you want to keep upgrading your base properly :man_shrugging:


I recommend staying on A&A3.
The move suggested would cost 117k tokens more. Not worth bringing 4 eggs a bit earlier while delaying your first Emerald. Go to Deci asap!


@TheRedDelilah can you or someone else that knows, tell me who these 2 dragons are. I just finished getting Nier breedable and was perusing the 3 emerald legendaries that I have to breed still (Kyrule, Pyrochis, Ferga) and I get a pair of legendary emeralds to breed when clicking on Pyrochis to back breed it with Nier/Kerbos. I couldn’t find it in your breeding guide.


Nier + Kerbos = Pyrochis (90%), Marianas (9%)


Oh, that is obsidian. Thought it was emerald. Was confusing the hell out of me lol

Clearly I need some sleep


For future reference: if you tap on thise eggs, it’ll tell you the dragon’s title (ex. “Numinous Worm” or whatever) that is under their names in the lineage tab. Just find 'em according to its title. :t_rex:


Very Nice! Thank you for all your hard work! It is appreciated! :blush:


Not really about breeding path, but Dragon Check-In.
For Lv xx+ (past breedable level), is there any advantage of it, considering that most (I think) players’ strongest dragons are dominated by divines…


Waiting for PG to update resists of older tier dragons ( in vain ).
Certain dragons are still very useful past breedable, like Whale, Rizar, Sekhem, Hau, Apo to name a few.
At lower levels though, i agree with your point of view.


I have wondered that too. I got Rizar at level 102, and I have pretty much been keeping him at Den cap ever since. Now I am level 120, and he has yet to surpass my divines


What about differences which rider and runes create? Maybe you forgot them ( most likely )
Or last season and this season’s divines evolve early, for god knows what reason :frowning:


I treated Whale as a breeder and feeding event glutton, and am currently treating Rizar the same way. :man_shrugging: Enki and Ember are my only lineage dragons who can do things that my divines can’t. The XP leveling requirements on sub-sapphire lineage dragons are too great relative to their stat growth for them to catch up, assuming you’re moving fast. The tiers weren’t designed with the expectation that you’d finish gold/platinum in 2-3 months each.

Sapphire tier will change that, both because the dragons are inherently stronger, and because it takes a long time to get through it (giving more time to accumulate XP). Even so, Hau and Apo are the only ones I see being useful long-term.


Currently I’m stuck with training rare Plats, but most likely just until breedable (I’m too lazy to train past breedable level :sweat_smile: ).

Additional question. Since I start with Chtho (towards Icicle 4), and using Whale + Mune (which will net me Rizar, Kaiju, Vulcan, and Kelvin, along with Kulan), is it wise to use Chtho + Kulan instead of Anapa + Aphopet to get Quetz? (I know that this is still a long time for me, but I guess it won’t hurt to ask now)
I think the cost is the same (64,000). I asked this since I think that it’s a bit unreasonable for me to get Aphopet breedable in one event…


Slightly ahead of myself but since breeding will likely be next - I’m wondering which Obsidian path to venture down.

Typically I want to get my “extra” builder’s hut eggs so that would lead me Rhyo1 or Mafic1, but is there a reason I shouldn’t do Girasol1 but breed Ferga and Storm first off to get the eggs and Xenot/Kerbos then go back and get Lumina.

I think the “penalty” would be that I wouldn’t get my first obsidian as quickly (first) but which is better power-wise? One obsidian or to uncap builder’s / base. I’m guessing it’s best to go for the dragon hence why Red has it laid out the way she does.

As I type this I find myself thinking I should cancel this post but what the heck, in for a penny and all.

Maybe (just maybe) I’ll learn something?




I would wait until the rest of Harbinger is out and updated before picking an Obsidian path :grimacing:


Wow, quick service! Can you see what I type as I type it? Thanks. Soon based on e-mail I got.



I am so far will finish breeding Storm next breeding. Then probably will breed Lumina. So far it is the cheapest path.