Red's Master Breeding Paths


But nooooc…


Noctua can wait. I have Necryx, Aibrean and Fomhar, Zamrok, Equestor, Fomhar getting there just level 40 another 4 levels to go))


but Noc!!!


Will see))


No he can’t


so barring any changes from Harb you vote “S Mafic 1”?


Once i get storm i’m going for Deci & noctua. By that time i’m hoping that the rest of harb is released and therefore we have cheaper choices that go through Noctua as first obsidian because right now he is the only reason paths are much more expensive


I think I just saw a post from @Warlord that there may be some streaming for Harbinger dragons? I’m assuming the NEW ones?


Huh, I remember seeing something like that earlier or yesterday. I thought I may have dreamed it. :rofl: :t_rex:


They sent an in game message about it that’s why I said “soon based on the email I got”.



I have a fairly unique situation, and while I worked out a plan, I figured I’d run it by the breeding experts here and see what you guys think. (It required me to think about my progression plan overall, so apologies for length.)

I’m currently sitting on 280k tokens and 470 fragments, which works out to ~400k token equivalents. Last month I got about 150k tokens, only expediting a few missions. I’m on the last platinum breed before sapphires.

My plan had been to just follow Red’s Best (Icicle 1) and get Hau three months from now, but I’ve been rethinking that for a few reasons:

  1. The 130k tokens saved in Icicle 4 are really tempting to me. I realize it’s not a big deal in the long run, but I think saying that requires you to think about the Keynesian long run, i.e. the one in which we’re all dead.
  2. Fomhar is extremely good. He doesn’t have the essentially unlimited hitting power that Hau does, but I do think it’s fair to call him a Necryx-tier beast who I can rely on for a little longer. Even at mid platinum tier, I can hit undefended 300s and defended low-mid 200s, so I’m not hurting in PVPs.

I also get builder hut eggs sooner, but those wouldn’t be an issue until level 163 anyway, which means even Icicle 1 would be fast enough there.

So, my plan:

This event: Finish plat, spend 64k tokens. Hoard: 400k - 64k = 336k before income.
1 event out: Sekh + Anapa, spend 250k. Hoard: 336k + 150k - 250k = 226k. Level ~120.
(start of summer)
2 events out: Apophet, spend 200k. Hoard: 226k + 150k - 200k = 176k. Level 132.
3 events out: Iteru + Quetz, spend 189k. Hoard: 176k + 150k - 189k = 137k. Level 142.
4 events out: Chompa. Spend 125k. Hoard: 137k + 150k - 125k = 152k. Level 154.
(start of fall)
5 events: Renard + Jul. Level 162, so it takes 187 base runs to get them breedable; that’s annoying but doable in the span of a week. Get Hau. Spend 315k. Hoard: 152k +150k - 315 = -13k. Easily grindable, but realistically, I expect I’ll open enough gold chests at the start of fall season that I won’t have to.


  1. By delaying Chompa as long as possible, I get a better value for mystic fragments earned during summer.
  2. Due to some overachieving, I probably could’ve gotten Corthanak this season; my ruby hoard seems to be growing at a good pace (was 54k at the start of this season, is 72k now, will probably be 80-90k at the end of spring), and I’ll organically finish Aib and Fomh. (And the token boost, and Oksana’s first page, obviously.) So the fall mythic hunter will be an option; hence, it makes sense to plan to open a ton of gold chests at the start of fall to take advantage of discounts; this should give me a nice token boost to finish the massive 315k breed planned then. The sigils earned in that event will also nice to have, and my guess is that I’ll have more need of sigils during fall than summer.

This is complicated as hell and I may not have described all the constraints of my model, but, am I missing anything obvious?


Honestly, i’d go for Icicle 4 over Icicle 1 in your case. Getting Hau a bit later isn’t a deal breaker due to necryx and Fomhar for 99% of flyers out there who aren’t the absolute best of the best with Hau. I can confidently say that i’m not in that top 1% and therefore only use hau for cleanup really sometimes, or don’t even have him on my roster.

I didn’t go over your exact detailed plan with a fine tooth comb but i generally agree with I4 over I1 in your case.


One note after reviewing some more.
Why delay chompa (and hence renard) for one event more than you need to?
You can save mystic frags to use on gorgonus if you want to get a better exchange rate, so maybe i’d just stick to quetz and chompa like the path would indicate


Ha, good thought; I originally planned to combine Chompa with the Quetz/Iteru breed. Reasons I changed it:

  1. Token finances. I probably need the extra month to round up the 315k tokens to throw at the last breed.

(I haven’t really been keeping logs of my token income, but 150k/m seems like a lot for a plat4 player. Hope I don’t get banned! I’m not sure if that pace is sustainable, but the good news is that I’ve gotten it without ruby-expediting token missions much at all, so I can probably fall back on that to close any gaps. But doing that + finding an extra 150k to finish this path in 4 months seems like it could be pretty grueling.)

2.) 4 events out is probably summer season, 5 events is fall. If I decide to go for the fall mythic, having a breed where I spend 315k tokens is probably useful. Plus, in that situation I’d be opening a lot of gold chests at the beginning of the season, to take advantage of the discount, and all token drops could be used to contribute toward the big final breed.


Sorry i should have spoken clearer. Why not do
Event #3: quetz & chompa
Event #4 renard
Event #5 Iteru & Jul

You would get your garnet unlocks earlier at L154 instead of waiting until L162 during event #5?

You would have increased raiding power for a month, cost would be the same too. Plus you would have more time to do XP runs for renard. Iteru is easier to level because of less XP requirements overall than a garnet and once he learns umbral you can run first 3 towers on Andy for max XP.



You promise a faster Noctua, yes? :heart_eyes: Ignore the Harbs!



40 minutes until i get to see RED DOING BREEDING!!!


paths that is :eyes:


Interesting idea! Let’s see:

My divines all need 158 for garnet evolution, which means I probably only get the benefits for the fort event between events 4 and 5. That’s still two weeks of being stronger, so, all things being equal I should do that.

Also, your approach is nice because it means I’d generally have one dragon at a time with the most clearly demanding XP requirements, so I could stick Kayla on that one and have a slightly easier time.

But the advantage of my original approach is that on event 5, I get Hau. With your revision, I’d have to get Iteru breedable, then get Jul (because Iteru is a Jul parent), and then try to get Jul breedable if I want Hau that month (not feasible, I think); otherwise I have to wait another month. Maybe I’m inflicting excessive amounts of grinding on myself to get Hau a month sooner?

I’ve got an on-team alt and am a reasonably quick draw with Ember, so the first 5 towers on Andyk should be reliably doable. It’s still a lot of runs, though.


Was just an off the top of my head thought when trying to help get you a way around grinding out both garnets in a single event which sucks.

Either way i think you have the info and knowledge necessary to make the right decision for yourself based on what your goals and plans are. Let us know what you decide and in the future if you have any regrets with the path you have chosen to go down. :+1: