Red's Shared WD Folder


Hello all,

At the request of some of my followers on twitch (I live stream War Dragons at I have a WD Shared Folder with some useful information. This information was compiled by me and some other fab people (like @Mechengg)

This folder currently contains:

  • Wiki pages for a new team. These are formatted for the in game wiki and contain some basic help!
  • How To: Token Missions
  • Red’s Advice on Season Planning
  • Red’s Dragon Check-In to ensure you’re not overleveling
  • Red’s Let’s Get Breedable to help you figure out how many runs a dragon needs to get breedable. Make a copy of this and save it for yourself.
  • Token vs Mystic Fragments to see where it’s best to use mystic frags (when a dragon fragment is really expensive)

More coming to the Folder soon!

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