Reduced Chest Drops in Invaders?

So I’ve been doing more gold farming recently and I’ve found that there is a very low drop rate for bronze chests while running invaders on auto. I did about 4 hrs of gold runs on auto on both my main/alt and got a total of 37 bronzes, no silvers, no golds. That doesn’t seem right. Is that a glitch with the drop rates or is it supposed to be that low? @DragonPunch @PGJared


You’re a radiant-tier player hitting an abyssal-tier base (the invader has level 95 towers). Hitting down that far reduces chests drops to near zero.


So if I use a lower tier dragon will it be better? Or is it only based on level of the player?

Level of the player, so not much you can do about it

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Well that sucks.

Megas in PvP are my biggest source of bronze chests now . Nothing matches that for time vs effort :joy:

Invaders have level 95 tiers but they’re also the same level as you are so it wouldn’t make sense for it to drop this few chests


for maybe the first time ever, i agree with ruru…doesnt make sense