Reduced players, Max Players in Team Change


Recently it has become clear that many teams are having issues recruiting quality players. A good portion of this stems from the age of a game and small number of incoming players, however, instead of saying “hey we need new players” (we do) I have an alternative suggestion.

  • Reduce max number of players on a team from 50->40

This helps populate lower leagues and creates a more competitive environment for higher leagues (S2/S3) as even some higher teams are struggling to fill their rosters with players that are truly of caliber that is expected in S2/S3.

  • Expected issues and my suggestion on how to solve them

Firstly, team event prizes would naturally need to be adjusted to some level although probably not drastically.

Secondly, having only 40 players on a team could negative impact atlas, for this reason I think it would be ideal to make it easier to defend 5TA members by making it easy to navigate to their castles as well as possibly having an in-game alert when they are attacked (similar to the defense banner, however, I would like to note this isn’t truly a priority as many teams use bots for this)

Another possible change that would be beneficial would be allowing for a 4th prim slot as teams with a large number of castles losing 30 prims could be detrimental.

It would also be advisable in my opinion to make 5ta’s larger perhaps 6-10 team alliances that function in the same way that current 5TA’s work. This would allow for better around the clock coverage that is unfortunately required in atlas.

This has always been an issue in the lower leagues. We dont need smaller teams, we need fewer fly-paper teams that are half full or less that snag players that just sit there without getting the help/advice that they need. We also need new team creation to be disabled or heavy restrictions and requirements to be put on them. Such as the person creating the team should at minimum have to be level 400 and they should have 2 weeks to fill the team to at least 40-45 players otherwise the team gets disbanded

This would basically punish higher the most active teams that have worked hard to build up a strong team. They would suddenly all have to kick out 10 friends for absolutely no reason.
100% against this.


Yes it’s almost always been an issue in lower leagues such as gold 1/2, however, this is now starting to plague plat2/3 and maintaining “quality” players for S2/S3 teams has been clearly difficult, given the increasing number of alts in these teams… While I don’t disagree that this would not be great for diamond teams I honestly see this being beneficial as high as S1.

Furthermore, your proposed solution doesn’t really fix the problem, the people who occupy 20/50 teams really aren’t playing the game at all and simply disbanding these teams will not magically increase competition or player engagement.

Maybe PG should just reduce the grind and actually make an incentive to play the game lol

Reducing maximum players isn’t a bad idea, it’d just be very difficult/technical to implement without outrage from top teams.

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No disagreement from me, like at all…

Personally I think it’d be beneficial to allow account selling but that’s a different post (and I honestly think it’d help PG make money, not lose them money but again different post).

It’s not that difficult to detect and obliterate account sharing and selling. If it’s a bigger account they really don’t care :joy: Just more money going into it anyways. We’ve seen this over and over again.

It has always been difficult for everything up to P1, at least when I was in P3 3 years ago and P1 2 years ago most of the teams were struggling and had multiple alts filling space. This isnt something new.

Cutting down the number of dead/dying teams will shrink the pool of teams, the players who actually play will have to go to the more active of the Gold and Plat teams. One of the reasons plat teams are struggling is because the pool of teams has been too flooded. There’s too many competing teams for the few players to go to and most of them arent even worthwile teams.

Lowing the cap to 40 isnt going to help those gold and lower plat teams, most of them don’t even have 40 active members. There is no reason to be punishing Upper league teams just because lower league teams cant fill themselves.

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Setting a minimum to found a team is literally a death sentence for this game……
That’s a huge no!
Team creation is not something we want to stop happening at any level of play :man_shrugging:
Im sorry the issue is not when a team is created or wether a team stagnates the issue is player retention and there’s whole threads on this subject.
Reducing the number of players per team is just a step in the wrong direction……
Try looking at drop which is the backbone of our economy and drop has not seen a solid adjustment in years!

The issue is not the number of players per team !!!
The issue is our activity is not worth a dam anymore ………

Adjust drop by density not rate and we might actually retain a few players!


I don’t see having smaller teams being a detriment. I tried to imagine any reason why having a smaller team would be bad and can’t think of a single one. I would be interested in seeing some.

Agreed. I don’t feel the value of invested time and activity as being balanced with reward payout. Atlas is stupid hard to progress in. Somebody in PG decided that glory was so “precious” and gear so expensive; its just not fun. It has grown boring. Maybe smaller teams would liven things up.

I would be willing to say that a majority of the more active and participating members of this community stay here for the people. Let’s be honest, the game isn’t what’s keeping us here.

Teams are 49 other people that we can constantly communicate with. Even as leagues change and players come and go. The team is where you can work together and make memories.

Many teams at this point are a close knit family that wouldn’t separate for the world. Politics aside, dragons aside, it’s human nature to want to stick with your own.

I would be absolutely appalled if team member count got cut, because I would be losing part of my FAMILY.

I know some people that use the forums are hyper competitive and prioritize the welfare of the game and competition first, but I’m only here for the socializing. And sacrificing 20% of that or more? No, no thank you.

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I can see that sentiment but can’t help but think that there are group chats to keep in touch with people. I have good friends all over this game, to me where their name is parked isn’t important…family doesnt always live in the same house so I do not understand that viewpoint. Not judging.

@Raziel :eyes:

Ummmm a team of 50 is tiny ………
Why is it in other tactical war games Ive ran a team of 250 and with 150 member training wing and 150 member elite combat team!
And I had players beating my door down to get in!
Not only that ……defense was actually something that was not mission impossible and actually happened fairly commonly and yes it was actually rewarded decently ……:flushed:
But here we can barely get a team of 50 together!?
It’s almost like we don’t support enough play styles …………….

I’ve never been on a team where 50 people are needed, and very rarely are there 50 truly active players even on diamond teams. Imo having smaller teams would be way better. It’s something that was asked for a long time ago.

I’d bet that if wars and the team achievement prize were both changed, many teams wouldn’t even bother to keep a full roster. They do it now because they have to, not because they want to.


-Start a team: player level 500+
-Teams that remain with less than ‘x’ members for a month are randomly clumped together OR dispersed automatically on teams in the same league which is almost full.
-New players should be automatically assigned to a team as full as possible when they reach appropriate level.

My 2 cents

Playing devils advocate- I don’t even know that PG Could limit team sizes or change the base functions of team creation…

That is code buried so far down… they might break the game just looking at it awkward. Ryuu watches them. They so much as blink funny at the original coding and he shrine suckers them into oblivion :joy:


Delete all leagues and Teams below X tier. New players coming in face a graveyard. I certainly wouldn’t stay playing.

Force all players up into the tiers to fill up other teams.

Everything in this game is an issue because of the acceptance of top leagues and teams, they run the game and none of these suggestions will ever be put in place. Lol

Pg is focused in bringing ways of draining people’s Rss and money ( also suggested by these top leagues and teams, that’s for sure ) to increase the power creep and give them even more advantage.

So many things are needed to be fixed but all this unnecessary new content showed everyone what’s Pg real intentions.

Why bother? Lol

There are half measures that would achieve a similar result without changing the core game itself:

  1. Wars should auto scale based on the number of players on the team BEING DECLARED ON. A team of 5 players would not have any reason to go around declaring wars, but if somebody else declared on them then the war itself would be formatted as 5 v 5 and a max of 35 flames that either team could earn.

  2. Adjust event team prizes to require higher scores from fewer members…instead of 40 players with 30k points, give the award if the TEAM surpasses 1.2m points collectively.

Problem solved


I would have quit even before I started this game if those rules had been in use and I would walk away now as soon as pg folded my team because it’s not profitable enough which is basically why we would need smaller teams ……

Yeah we rarely have a team up in diamond with 50 players that doesn’t mean we need teams of 40 or smaller teams it means we don’t have any dam players anymore ……….

Sorry if they shrink the size of teams I will retire and watch this game dwindle into nothingness!