Reduction of incubation time

Problem egg incubation time has not been adjusted and uses the much needed resource of TIMERS.
PG has been providing some catch up mechanics using tier based discounting. Tower discounting includes both cost and construction time. But dragon discounts are only for cost. Incubation time has been ignored.
Solution - reduce (or elimimate) incubation time.


Or… give us a way to use wood to speed up the incubator


Which was already suggested and forwarded to the team, but Galileo never heard back about it


I suggested that as it has been suggested a lot before.
If we are lucky we will get an update on it… if

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They probably didn’t because they might ask, that if we used more wood to speed it up, would the egg cook inside rather than incubating?

Why doesn’t it cook in the first place?

Because it’s being given gentle heat
Quoting Hulk,
Smoldering fire

The lava… gentle heat for :chunk:

You know what?
Going off topic.
Let’s do Chunk Season.
And then no chunk forever. Done and done.

I suggested this as an alternate to the idea of using wood hoping the programming would be easier to modify the existing process then it would be to completely change it. We have seen to many examples of large changes causing large issues that take time to resolve.


Plus we have wood surplus after fort so good use of it is needed even after fort.
I mean we use food to level up lumber farms. Why not use wood to speed incubation?
Great idea. Worth taking a look.
Seriously we need some feedback as to whether this was brought up before the designers or not.

PG can also do the mechanics they have from incubating divine dragons. There was also a time when PG reduce the incubation time to half (I think) during breeding event. I wonder why PG cant implement using any one of those?