Referral Program Reward Changes - Official Discussion Thread

Chiggity check out the new changes, team: Referral Program Reward Changes

  • Ch-ch-ch-changes! Turn and refer a friend, Chain-geh-hes (Positive)
  • Nothing changes. Life is monotonous. (Neutral)
  • The only change I like are the coins in my pockets! (Negative)

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This was long overdue. I’m glad to see it finally got some attention!

Last time I referred someone, it didn’t even work. Their account was never associated with mine. Has that been fixed as well?




I’m aware that you prefer recieve feedback in an action driven format. See trading post thread.

However, honestly, I’m not inclined to recommend it.
Its not the prizes, the world of mobile gaming has changed since the release of WD and nowdays, WD is not the ‘new kid’ in the block and has less shine and appeal. It does not offer a modern gaming experiance that other games provide.

How would you take measures of cheaters whom will refer themselves? What actions do u take? @PGGalileo

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I will probably make 10 alt for the prize lol

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Many probably going to and lvling to 100 would be easy

I have 30 referrals and I cant do more :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:


Problem is, I doubt you can weed out those exploiting it, unless you look at IPs or something… I don’t know, I’m not super tech smart

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They can but how often will they is the question i know the prizes are instantly slapped onto accounts soo whats to stop that :thinking:

I’d think the value for this would be for newer players. Established players would never have the chance to play with any new referrals because of the level gap and would have a greater potential for “taking advantage” of the program in a way it’s not intended. I personally would limit this new program to players at level 100 and under. :woman_shrugging:

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I mean its a nice feature buttt thing is each account one makes is 100$ plus worth cash :laughing: so full referrals gets u bang and keeps that change into your pocket

While the prizes are good i see 2 problems here.
1st game is bugged and i would feel bad invite friends
2nd it screams to create just alts to feed the main


But what if you just want phweemp? He’s adorable :pleading_face:

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Right thats what im saying. I got 29 free spots so i can make 29 alts lvl to 100 and ditch so between the discounts in tower lvls it would be real easy to take advantage of this can hit 100 in a day or 2 :smile:

Why would I want to invite a friend to play a game that only works 1/3 of the time?

i mean great, referral rewards are better, but i’m not ever gonna invite anyone (i did a while ago when the game worked), but not now.


Well , real life friends like co workers are using same office wifi so same ip … or if i refer to my brother , me and my brother both use same internet so it will be same ip … wiill pg consider that as cheat lol ? i dont think tracking ip is not a good idea especially for this referrals .

Ill take 3k plus worth of prizes lmao like yea this is not going to be pretty

I agree, but not all things are/or should be available for all players…

Would have to be :laughing: they didn’t even say. You couldn’t refer yourself either :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: