Refilling prime

I have a trapper that was killed off I resummoned 1 put 1 troop on it and it stayed that way for a lil while now after a day of reviving it says it has 25k troops again why and how do I stop it from refilling since trappers are worthless now this is a big problem for me since I can’t transfer them back to barracks.

Don’t park it on your home next time.

Edit: to get rid of the troops you can transfer them to another primarch bit by bit, or just summon a destroyer in the slot of your trapper to transfer all the troops at once.


Ok so if I have an empty primarch and park it at home while reviving it goes to prime instead of barracks ? And unfortunately my destroyer is full so just have to wait till some big gets bored and kills it off I guess to resummon it and will park it at an allys castle from now on also what a waste 10k troops down the drain.


Well you can go farm some glory with it to make room I guess. But it’s not ideal.

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Thanks for the info will just have to loose 10k troops since this was my first and last season in atlas I never knew this, will be a hard lesson to learn now I appreciate the help.

They should get rid of this “feature”. all troop should just go in barrack ALWAYS


Especially with the changes recently made to atlas it will be a costly mistake on my part and most newbies like myself who don’t know any better.

You can also just change your home. Get in the habit of checking and moving home right after you start summoning or moving home or the prim right before you finish a batch of troops.

But yes, it would be nice if troops just always went to barracks.


So since both of my primes are full now -_- do the rest of my revives go to barracks?

Yes. And this post must be more than 15 characters. :roll_eyes:


Yes with one caveat.

For troops to go directly to your primarch the following conditions must all be true:

  • Primarch has room to hold troops
  • Primarch has to be parked at HOME
  • Primarch has to be the one currently selected

Your statement was missing the last one, if you simply move the a different primarch they won’t be transferred to the one at home :slight_smile: it’s easier than moving your primarch twice to complete the collection function


That’s useful to know, never realised that. I found moving my home twice easier than moving a primarch anyway, but this is even more convenient.

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I’m trying to visualize moving your home to fill troops… is like moving the gas station to fill the gas tank :joy:

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They could always remove the barracks function /hides from the murderous crowd

Fourth condition: primarch must have completed summoning.


Would not be much of a crowd left in that scenario…

Beta and the start of atlas didnt have barrack troops.

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Was the limit on the primes the same?

was also only bronze primes and not sure about early beta, but when i joined a year ago, pre barracks you could at least safely store troops in castles in safe zones

think a lot of people would be massively pissed and prob quit if all their troops became vulnerable like that.

although, now that i read that last sentence i wouldn’t be surprised to see pg do this. Seems about their stupidity level

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You could lose 50k or more a hit, nada revives etc

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