Refineries-Question for PG

Will upgrading refineries result in an increase in all biomes or only those of your home land? How will upgrading refineries affect event and reward shards? Is the only way to obtain different shards to conquer new land?

You can see the effect of upgrading a specific refinery by opening the “bonus” tab at any castle you control.

Then click on the shard type you want info on.

It improves the yield for that color, across events all poachers everywhere

That doesn’t answer my question but thanks

Upgrading a refinery in a wind territory results in your wind shard % increasing.

Each biome is different.

And yes, to get shard refinery bonuses you need to own land with a refinery on a castle in that biome.


What bombs asking is if the bonus applies globally or only in your own land. Say you went to safe zone and fought some poachers would the bonus apply?

It was answered

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Thanks Mech

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Apparently no amount of upgrading will result in bonuses for other color shards, only the color it’s built on…that was my question.

Yeah. The purpose is to get you to conquer territory in multiple regions.

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