Refund for Mythics

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has noticed, but even after the last update that was supposedly going to fix the pending issues with the Mythics, they still have issues

Perwog doing no damage to towers for the rest of the run after being tapped by an ice flak is not fixed. In my streams, I wanted to show off this dragon, but all I am showcasing is the fact that it still has its glitches…

We are heading into week 12 next event and it is very disappointing that it has taken this long to finally fix the mythic dragons and they still don’t even work

Perhaps offering those who wasted a lot of rss getting the dragon their keys and ascension tokens back for the dragon? Being an end-game player, these dragons have a short shelf life in the first place :eyes:

The season is ending and the new season dragons are coming out soon…I certainly hope that there are no issues with them, too…


Not just perwog but also for the warrior, shield still affected by ice flak as well


Very disappointing season indeed.


I believe the reasoning for this it has to do with how many employees PG has left after recent events, they now need more employees if I recall correctly. With so little workers it seems that they now struggle to perfectly fix a dragon that or they secretly like lying to us about the fixes.


I thought they weren’t looking to hire new ones at the moment right after the last massive layoffs. Are they hiring now?

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Is your device Android?
Since version 7.50 for Android has not yet been released, the Ice flak issues are still not resolved.

I only use iOS; the dragon is still broken


7.40 Android can’t have the bugs fixed.

7.50 iOS can have.

But these will result in version mixmatch where it disables joining attacks and defenses.

PG might have deliberately delayed the fixes that were supposed to fix with 7.50 until Android gets the update approved, but this is just a blind guess.

@DragonPunch Any news?

Nope. They released 7.50 for iOS. So if Peter is still seeing the ice flak issue, then they’ve failed to fix it.


only one senior UX position posted atm

Happened today on my stream again…I did clip it if anyone would like to see proof…it’s saved as a clip on my channel

I won’t post it here as profanity is used in the clip out of frustration :sweat_smile::joy:


I totally agree with this amendment

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Is DP or Jared also leaving? :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:

I am also using only Apple devices so yes they definitely failed to fix it


Perwog is still bugged for sure.
And still both bugs. Not just the Ice flak SS thing, but also SwampBlast from time to time doesnt do any damage.


UX stands for “User Experience”…

The irony is not lost here

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There definitely needs to be a refund! I don’t care if the mythics are fixed today! We use mythic dragons for one or two seasons and they are obsolete at that point. Full refund for this season is the only answer!


You do realize if you were fully refunded you will end up losing resources gained from branches?

Refunds for keys and ascension tokens won’t but still that’s decent but if you want a full refund your insane. Odds are they won’t even refund at all though.


Swap unwanted mythic for 20 season keys to redeem next season.

I’d take this option


I already have three mythic dragons a long time ago, but I think something needs to be done because this season is exceptionally flawed. Hotfixes, rewards, exchanges, etc…:joy: