Refund For Rubies, Declined of in game support

Ive searched the forum and have High hopes of being refunded.

Issue : accidental use of rubies as speed up.

8300 down to 2700

Am I sad? More like crying lol.

I asked in game support for refund. Declined.

I read one discussion and read this

Ive been playing for 1 year and 3 months.
Im paying elite for atleast 95% total of playtime. Ive only asked 1 time for a refund in rubies and that is when I got stuck on atlas tutorial . I told in game support that I havd 8 months worth of timers, why would I use rubies speeding a building?

Please Help :disappointed:. Again for this type of issue, this is the first time im asking for refund in rubies. Logs should tell you if Im lying or not about using rubies on speeding up.

@PGJared @PGCrisis

The problem is PG has no real obligation to refund anything if you used something accidentally. There’s probably little that Jared and Crisis can do, and I’m not sure it would be worth pursuing any more seeing as you already asked in game.


you are an undercover PG employee! :roll_eyes:


well theres sameish scenario wherein i was in atlas tutorial and issue was pending for hours so I got really impatient and used my rubies to skip atlas tutorial because I couldnt lvl up my primarch bec the required is to level it up once, but after I lvled it up, it didnt finish the tutorial quest, therefore I cant move forward, no way for u to farm gold and xp, so I reallly had to use rubies to gain extra gp and gold, I ASKED in game and got declined, but when I posted it here in forums, I got helped. So I’m hoping for getting help.

:sweat_smile: chars

… Not sure if I fully understood all of that (and don’t remember the Atlas tutorial requiring rubies) but if that was an issue or glitch on PG’s side it makes sense that they would provide compensation. In this scenario there’s a clearly marked expedite button with a ruby, and I can’t see why PG would refund those.

So you’re saying you have a history of accidentally spending rubies and we’ve granted you a refund in the past? One-off I can understand, but a pattern is something else.

The pattern is shitty prompts. I’ve done it 2-3 times and gotten refunds. With lag issues and such, and overall inconsistent quality to your companies product, it’s actually shocking it doesn’t happen to more people.


To further elaborate, a prompt questioning the use of the rubies would be super great. And for the menu with the prompt to appear off center of the prior prompt. Because the lag your game has does some crazy ass shit.


To be honest Jared it’s more due to the poor design of your speed up page. If I remember correctly you ask for confirmation on using the 12 hour speed up but not the rubies. That and the confirm button is in the exact same spot as selecting the rubies for speeding up. So when trying to use them quickly accidents happen due to poor design. When if the confirm button was not directly over the rubies this wouldn’t happen. As well as if the rubies had a confirm. Again the latter I can’t remember.


I wouldnt gain something if my level is to be rolled back to 181 and put that blue mage tower back in building status, or instead get my 12D worth of timers will be taken from me instead of 5600 rubies. As a player , why would you spend 5600 rubies to speed up a building while u have 8 months worth of timers? I Dont think theres any player who would do that intentionally.

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Seriously? 2-3 times ?! I hope I get refunded too.

They have the prompt alr , i just checked. Im not posting this to compromise my claims. Mine was purely accidental. I messed up.

Wait, since when are refunds given for accidentally using rubies? A few months ago I accidentally used them instead of speed ups and when I requested a refund support told me they dont issue refunds because I could be lying and intentionally used them instead of the 200 days of speed ups I had.


I had a lag or a something issue where I went to speed up a 1 hour egg mission and it resulted in it making me speed up my 20 hour mission. Support said it’s my fault because it prompts me whether I’m sure I want to use rubies to speed up, problem is if doesn’t say “do you want to use 300 rubies to speed up this 20 hour mission” so through a lag or glitch or something had no clue that was the case. I even click “no” usually then very carefully pick the one I want. Poor people need to pay attention to this kind of shit :wink:


I did this once and realized it a few minutes later when I went to buy 10 gold chests and noticed I was way way short on rubies. Whomever I reached at support refunded my rubies and withdrew the speedups that I would have used had I not accidentally finished with rubies.

Perhaps if you suggest they take the speedups in exchange for the rubies you accidentally spent, they may be inclined to help you out.

I will try again with your suggestion with the in game support, thank you.

I did that when it happened to me. They told me no even though I was polite and explained the situation

Is there a way to request a specific support agent? Maybe one who isnt going to provide wrong information? That would be great

Honestly. I make it so it’s easier for support to help me out than to not to. :joy:

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Thanks for that info, problem lies in placement of the confirm button then.

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