Refund of resources on atlas attacks

Just thinking like in seasonal pvp events on Mega’s and other attacks that don’t count you get your resources refunded, I was thinking how good would it be if you got resources refunded for atlas attacks that don’t count, more thinking on the attacking side then defending.

So a lot of people use lighting resist or invincible shield, so these would be refunded if your attack doesn’t count. Be good seeming I’m wasting a lot of rubies for attacks that don’t count at all


With all these recent changes to main game showing where the priority is, you still think anything will be done about atlas?

It’s a lost cause, just roll with that man!

You say more on the attacking side than defending but I’d argue defenders probably waste far more resources on attacks that don’t count than attackers do.

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Attacks may not be counted due to defense, so it is not a waste.

On the same basis the attackers were stopping the defenders defending another attack so their resources weren’t wasted either.

Personally I’d like to see both resources refunded in the case of “invalid” attacks, and agree the defenders tend to use up a lot more hammers (which take similar times to craft as attacking resources).

Only thing is, you don’t get back defending resources in PvP events either.

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