Regarding atlas for gold league

@PGDave I couldn’t access atlas discussion in forum so I posted here . When will u introduce atlas to gold league? Eagerly waiting for that.

Atlas will be released up to Platinum League only.

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How many months do we wait to get it ?

There is no telling. Right now only some teams in Sapphire 2 and above have access. They are still working on the mechanics of Atlas, trying to make it more fun for everyone.

Lower league teams will get access as the months go on. There is no timeframe until they get bugs worked out and make sure it is an enjoyable experience.

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Yautjaprime Platinum team has atlas

Beta teams came from a variety of leagues. Also, once a team has Atlas, they won’t lose access if they drop to a league that doesn’t, such as a Sapph II team with Atlas dropping into Sapph III.

And so does darkasylum down in gold 🤷

It’s what forScience said :+1:

Unless you want to hang around the safe zone all day, you don’t want it at gold. You don’t even want it at platinum in its current form. Random 400+ players will just show up and kill your primarchs and leave.

But even sitting in safe zone can get you at least 100 1h clocks every event, which happen a lot more often than regular events.

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