Regarding Atlas Glory Bands Discussion Thread

This thread is to discuss the latest announcement regarding the Atlas Glory band changes.


This will be a fun weekend, I for one really like this placeholder solution. :grin:

Thank you! I really think the problem with the new glory brackets is that they’re far too rigid. If the bands were instead changed to a more fluid and dynamic method that players would be much happier.

Idea :

  • Glory is 100% for players within 20% of level until 200
  • Glory is 100% for players within 10% of level until 300
  • Glory is 100% for players within 5% of level until 500

With this system it would still allow players to ‘hit down’ within a reasonable degree and prevent bigger players from face rolling through someone’s small level.

Other ideas : incentive needs to be added to encourage players to attack up. Currently there’s no incentive, which is why players refuse to hit up.

Incentive ideas :

  • 5% : increased revives by 10%
  • 10% : increased glory by 10%
  • etc.

By added incentives with increased glory and increased revives to reduce permanently-losses troops in the event of failure. This means more players will be willing to attempt to hit up, as they can get better glory and not be punished as severely for failure.


So is this back to how it previously was? Because checking on a friend who used to give me 100% glory and is 90 levels above me still only gives me 50% now

Please read the post. It’s going to stay the same for now, they need a big update push to revert the changes.

Quarantine + glory boost = VERY VERY fun weekend :smirk:


Maybe I read it wrong, I read it as rollback now, future glory band updates with a future update.

nvm. delete. not my problem…

While this might be good on some levels, it ignores the entire dynamic of higher ranked teams sandbagging down and using teams as shields, which is why they get attacked a lot of the time.

Hopefully the permanent solution is more of a comprehensive one.

But the change did address some of the problems, our entry castles weren’t being hit as hard by the higher levels that like to slam our lower levels.

I don’t think everyone gave the change a chance.

People seem to like to holler when something that was easier changes. The bands needed to be more fluid but I think they had the right idea


Just give it time maybe. As long as objectively teams shield off for other teams its just a matter of time needed a bit. As long as glory and prizing can be derived without castles, and that supply is fulfilled, then you can start to ignore things.

I think the issues with it is that its an easily abuse able half measure. It does some things good and then ignored the other half of the measure that likely needed to be taken.

It should help reduce teams of vastly different placement interact, but when a high level team uses it to create a barrier between them and other teams of similar placement…then what? Was that helpful? So it has positives, but its largely incomplete…you can even see that in the fact it is already needing to be revised.

Thank you for the glory boost, it’s really making Atlas fun right now.


Ok… while I love the extra glory… we have the top teams slaughtering little teams including gold and plat. This is, by far, THE dumbest change you have ever made.

I mean…teams want to get involved in those fights, but only as long as it benefits them. Overall, on both sides of things, it has been kind of a free for all, you protect a higher level team from another one. At some point this sort of have to attack lower just to get to someone close to their bracket. All of the solutions arent fully where they should be.

To some degree isnt that what they want. When you set up to be a meat shield…arent you basically wanting to be hit for someone else’s benefit? It feels akin to throwing someone in front of a bus, and then being upset when they get run over?

I don’t believe everyone wants to be a meat shield, they just want to own a castle or two and have what they have.

It seems to me all the higher levels screamed to have the change changed back to go back to what they were doing.

The change that PG made was actually a step in the right direction, but again they gave in to the whims of those who wanted everything easy and didn’t want change because they were able to take advantage of the smaller.

Go back and read the whole thread, I stayed quiet because all I saw was complaining that people couldn’t go kill someone 100 levels under them any longer or snipe where ever they wanted or that they might have to research who they could hit and it was to much work.

The bands needed change to reflect more fluid approaches to hitting up or down, but they actually were headed in the right directions with the last change.

Now we are back to plain let’s blow up everything and snipe snipe snipe…

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Why don’t they use this glory enhancer during PvE or make it repetitive every fortnight or so

Not being funny but since you increased glory atlas has been amazing !!

I’m over here defending off Jeff n Steve while Becky causally bubbling an entry to an unknown castles of there’s andddd BOOM :boom:

Disabled but shoot it’s ok even if we give up on that shitty entry everyone’s happy :smiley:


It was always going to be that way until they make the changes they need to, and they havent or wont so its largely irrelevant.

It was a half measure that wasnt fully thought out.

Is it taking advantage when you want to protect them? Its mutually beneficial


Other than make them getting glory easier, nothing will satisfy those top guys.

Mark my words, if PG come out with some system change, once they found their life is even a little harder, they will cry the loudest.

Look back at some of their issuesin the last thread, “OMG what if a decked out 477 I only getting 70% glory, UNFAIR”, “what if a lower than 100 taunter in my way give me no glory, RIDICULOUS!!!” “OMG the band is too tight I can’t find glory (everyone else dealing with the same thing).

Some of the louder cry babies happens to rank top 10 in this event, means they spend a lot. Of course PG crumbles in front of them.

If you were dealing with it too you should be happy for the change. Teams can’t hide behind low level taunters anymore and its easier for your team to find glory as a whole. Sorry you don’t like the game bro NV easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

I don’t know what kind of extremely selfish team can find no one willing to spend a few thousand troops to clear out a low taunter. Or your “team” typically consist only one person I assume?

And let me break it down for you again, low taunter strategy ONLY deter lone pirates. Because the lowbie deployed a taunter would always lose way more than the attacker, and is NOT sustainable in actually team fights. No lowbie has enough horns to insta revive that much dead troops in heated battle.