Regarding Atlas Glory Bands

Hello Dragon Lords,

After significant feedback from the player community and some careful decision-making, we have decided to roll back the Glory Bands feature and re-release an improved version in the future. Unfortunately, this feature is not one that can be reverted with a hotfix, and requires code changes that will come along with the next numbered update, which we’re working on delivering as soon as possible. We apologize for the confusion and inconvenience caused by the release and subsequent reversion of this feature.

We will also:

  • Immediately lower the top band to 500
  • Increase glory earned until the feature is fully reverted (note: the increase is a near doubling of the glory earned under the Glory Bands feature, not a doubling of the old glory)
  • These changes are live now

We want to thank all of the players who took the time to comment on this feature and share their ideas. Of course this result isn’t what we desired, but we feel it’s right to respond to the passion and creativity shown by the fans by pulling this feature back, getting it right, and releasing it when it’s truly ready. Fixing the core issues that this feature is aimed at will become a top priority for the following weeks. We will share details of the improved version of this feature before its release.


Please discuss here.