Regarding Atlas Seasons Launch Issues


The Atlas team understands that a number of performance issues have negatively affected the playability of the opening of this Atlas Season, and are continuing to work towards solutions to resolve them for players as soon as possible. For a recap of known issues:

Performance issues and/or lag when loading in castles and Primarchs upon launching Atlas.

  • Lag issues with the map will be addressed in update v4.23, which is due out this week.

"Failed to add Waypoint" errors when attempting to move you Primarch.

  • This issue is due to areas of highly concentrated players and actions. We’re actively exploring network upgrades in the near future to ease some of the load and significantly reduce further issues similar to this.

Attacks were not counting or results in the “My Battles” log were delayed.

  • Processing of battles have now been caught up on the server, and any attacks that counted will be reflected in the “My Battles” log. Please note that battles in Atlas resolve in the order in which they were completed.
  • For example, if an attack vanquishes the Primarch you were targeting before you are able to finish your attack, you’ll still see the battle summary screen, but as a result of the Primarch already being dead at the end of your run, the attack will not count, and Glory/RSS won’t be awarded.
  • Some players may have felt that their defends were not counting either because of the delays preventing attacks or defends from showing up in the “My Battles” log immediately. Due to server load, these defends did count, but were delayed for long periods of time while the server caught up.

Once we have determined that the majority of performance issues have subsided, a gift to all Atlas players will be issued within the next week for the inconvenience caused by these performance issues.

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:crossed_swords: ATLAS TROOP LOSSES

In the v4.16 Release Notes, we communicated that the Troop kill cap was lowered to 7,500 Troops per attack:

Unfortunately, this cap is only affecting defender Troops lost, and not the Attacker’s Troops lost. The team intends to make the kill cap affect BOTH attackers and defenders as-communicated, but this requires a game version update to implement.

We will be issuing compensation in the coming week to players who have lost greater than 7,500 Troops in battles as the attacker in the timeframe from the release of v4.16 up until the time of this post. This credit will be player-specific, so not all players will receive the same thing, and some will not receive any credit if they did not fall into the criteria for being affected by this issue.

We will NOT be compensating for any Attacks against other player’s Primarchs that result in losses over 7,500 Troops that occur after this post. Please take caution in Attacks (account for ATK and DEF ratings as well as Primarch types and debuffs) until the 7,500-Troop Kill cap for Attackers is implemented.

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:moneybag: Credits Now Issued

  • Please note that only players that met the specific criteria for each case are eligible to received a credit to their games. For example, if you did not log into Atlas on the Season launch date, you would not be eligible for a credit for performance issues, etc.
  • Additionally, not all players will receive the same things––each account has been credited on a case-by-case basis.
  • If you do not immediately see the credit, please allow up to 24 hours for it to appear and claim any existing event rewards or value pack bonuses to move through your rewards queue.
  1. For general lag issues at the start of Atlas Springveil Season during which PvP regions were unlocked, every player who logged in to Atlas on that day has received 2 Bullhorns, 2 Atlas Chests, and 5 Atlas Springveil Chests.

  2. Players who were attacked during the first day of the Atlas Springveil Season who may not have been able to properly move or defend due to lag issues have been credited with Atlas Chests proportional to the number of non-revivable troops lost.

  3. Players who lost Troops >7,500 in Atlas attacks since the release of v4.16 up until the time at which this thread was originally posted (April 27th at 2:07PM PDT) have had their Barracks credited directly with Troops equal to the amount of un-revivable Troops killed, plus the revivable amount converted directly into regular Troops based on their base revive cost.