Regarding equipping/forging gear

i have noticed people equipping elemental gear other than the rider is for…like oksana is dark gear, but i see people using other elemental gear? i know atlas riders can use any elemental but i heard that seasonal riders are suppose to be only taking gear that is for that rider… so oksana is dark… terris fire, kayla wind…

also is it true if u have just one slot in forge gear section and forge one at a time, u get better drop rate on forge rareity? does it affect my drop rareity on gear crafted with 2 slots that i purchased and have 2 items waiting to be crafted…

thanks all

Riders don’t inherently have an element. It’s the gear that assigns the element, so while Oksana’s line comes with dark gear, it doesn’t HAVE to go on Oksana. It could go on Kayla, for example, whose line came with Wind gear.

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they don’t have their own element. However, they have a theme type where their seasonal armor is based on their theme. Like Tor / Ice, Terris / Fire, Oksana / Dark, Grogg / Dark, Kayla / Wind.

They are marked as non elemental until you equip them with an elemental armor where they will be locked to that specific element until you remove all or replace (and destroy) the armor set to another one.

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what about the forging new gear, does it affect that the gear item crafted be epic legendry or common if i do it one by one rather than fill all my open slots with gear to be crafted while im away from the game?

It’s random per gear piece. I’d suggest forging different types (whether element or equip slot) of gear, though, unless you want to end up with two legendary ice shields or something :smiley:

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lol, actually i have a few slots i purchased so while im at school, or work, i craft shield gloves helmet and wait for it to be done, but someone told me i should not do that because it will give u common drops and not good ones… instead just do one at a time…

then I must be very lucky, I have 3 slots open and got 4 epic + 1 legendary consecutively. Needless to say I only forge gear during the event.

last crafting event i crafted a shield 6 times and i got common 6 times!!! i hate u PG so much

I crafted the whole set, then started from the beginning to replace the common ones.

I’m going to reforge the parts of the Galt Battle Set then so I can get more epic and legendary pieces

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May Fortuna be with you!

This is what I do and work my up replacing commons then rares until my entire set for the dragon is epic/leg then I start on a new dragon.

Once I have more sets I’ll go back and craft for all legendary


how many attempts does it take u do get even an epic!? let alone legendary, it takes me like 6 tries to get a rare…wats the secret?

the secret is: there is no secret!!! It’s effing RNG


rng? wat is that?

edit nvm i googled it and it says random number generator. lol makes sense thanks everyone.


You don’t want to know what all I have :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


lol u got patience and thats what is worth the most💯, i on the other hand…

What is useless for you is most likely probably useful for me…

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