Regarding the new spring discount hunter

being a blue spell with 2 rage cost dealing 200% increase damage…does anyone think frenzy would be better with 1 rage cost dealing 150% increased damage? im personally disappointed in the hunters spell…

as well the resist… how many bases have fire flaks? it would be nice to have it dark flak or ice turret…

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I like it. It’s very balanced.

It would depend on how much rage spring renewal gives back. I think chaos is a good spell and with perhaps a chaos rune in the Divine line, it’s gonna be over 230% Damage which is going to be great for a hunter with limited ammo :man_shrugging:t3:

i can see maybe on the chaos skill, but the resist isn’t that usefull?

Well, good thing I saved my LEGENDARY chaos rune from Fae! :joy: WOOT!


I just hope spring renewal is a one rage spell…

Doubt it. 2 rage I’m guessing

:thinking: maybe it’s time to cash in my rune removal from dragons with support and get the mythic chaos glyph off Fae too…

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Yeah, I’m afraid you’re right. I’m trying to get more feedback on the flash spell on another thread. That is the real wildcard for me. The resists never make or break a dragon from my standpoint.

Flash basically dodges all projectiles and slows down the dragon. So if u hit flash and chaos same time you’re going to kill the island real quick.

Yeah, it sounds pretty good to me. I just wonder why so many people complained about it on Lumina. Maybe it’s better now that they buffed it?

Dark flak resist hunter :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Was it dark flak resist on him?

Nah but would be amazing if was!

Fire flak resist would be handy when cleaning up a hight level base behind a sanding dragon. An explosion from a high level fire flak being destroyed deals massive damage, and cannot be dodged by cloak.

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:eyes: it can be avoided using cloak.
But flash can dodge the explosion, but flash has a cd.

Every single time I have tried to cloak after killing a fire flak the explosion still hits me.

How many healing potions did you use trying to get the timing down properly? :grin:

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It’s easy for me. I mastered 5 weeks after the fire flaks came out haha. Cloak right before it hits u and as soon as it dies

Is it the same timing as for dark flak? I can dodge a dark flak shot with cloak.

As for flash dodging the explosion - it is automatically dodged when flash is active, or do you need to hit flash at the right time?