Regarding the Seasons Leaderboard and Cheaters

Hey gang,

Just wanted to let everyone know that we’ve been seeing the reports coming in about cheaters. We are working on that - know that all cheaters are being dealt with accordingly, and that active accounts and the Seasons Leaderboards are two different systems. Currently, the Leaderboard is showing folks that are cheaters, and they will be removed once we get the tooling in place to handle cheaters.

So yes - we are watching it and taking care of it - even if it doesn’t look like it right now. Hopefully, we can get these tools in place to update that Leaderboard with non-cheating players.


OMG! :scream: They NEVER stopped! Sigh

So that’s why I honestly thought the numbers are too high during the kick start of the new season! And I was trying to do the maths if those numbers were just purely from opening chests? Spending more? Then I felt dizzy already! Lolss :dizzy_face: (I couldn’t even make it, at least, to top 2K this time! Huhu)

Anyway, if I may humbly suggest, I would’ve wanted the Season Leaderboards start in the middle of the season or maybe past the first 2 weeks run of the (new) Season as most players would really open their (long) hoarded chests, which is valid, but hard to vouch on the backend (if anything went wrong) plus could result to, well, exploits & issues like as stated above! :green_heart:


I dont condone cheating ever… but why in the name of almighty Chunk would someone bother cheating for portraits? :woman_facepalming:t3: :man_facepalming:t4:
Ready the PANS!!!


Thank you for looking into this. I was quite incredulous at how some players were so far ahead at such an early point in the season.

Thank god this leaderboard thing show you how many cheater open their free gold or plat chest

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OMG! So technically top 1K by far are (more likely) potential suspects?? :scream:


Portraits>Playing WD


I miss PGJared’s annual banwave topics

I would think higher than that. Cheaters tend to not be subtle at all


beautiful Ban this time :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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More like a few in top 25. I doubt many below that. Im about rank 40 ish and all ive done is open chests from last season and slightly more than max 2 events. Nothing special.


Yes. My apologies. I didn’t mean to offend or even generalize with my statement above. I should’ve been a bit more sensitive. I checked in the leaderboards top 1K and saw familiar names up there (even dear ones)! And I know for a fact, at least I’d like to believe, they couldn’t do such stuff (as potentially accused above) in game. :green_heart:

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Oh i didnt take it personally and definitely not offended. I was merely stating about it not being top 1k.
Things can often get lost in translation when typing :heart:


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