Regional Alliances

So my understanding is each team is only allowed one Alliance. For teams that hold lands in many different areas of Atlas, this does not make sense. Why can’t we have regional alliances? I may have a friendly neighbor pack right now that allows my neighbor to access safe travel zone, but joining a subAlliance will take their safe passage away. What is the purpose?


Good point but I don’t know about sub alliance.

Maybe still have 1 alliance but being able to add … let’s say for instance 5 teams on a “no threat” list?

This list will not show any of your castle details but won’t delay a primarch should they cross your territory.

Much like your alliance you can remove or add teams to this list as needed.

Or why don’t we make it each Alliance can be part of a 5 Alliance “Super Alliance” and then 5 Super Alliances can form a “Mega Alliance” and 5 Mega Alliances can form an “Ultra Alliance.”

And then we can all hold hands and sing “Kumbaya.”


Just make pathing easier…you can give passage? Or any time you set the neutral zone as your destination you can go without delay?



As Panda points out, this has little to do with the Alliance function, and has everything to do with pathing.

Until 4.16, teams have have sought to spread across the map for resource shards, and as a defensive strategy, many of the Top 25 Atlas Influence have isolated themselves from the safe zone. However, 4.16 sees these teams trapped behind the level 2 regions along the safe zone.

Over the last week, it is become apparent to the teams that own the isolated level 3, 4 and 5 regions that they will need to bargin, swap, or forcefully clear path to the safe zone, so they can “fly”. And due to the limitations of alliances and safe passage, neighbouring but non-allied team will need their own (separate) path to the safe zone.

If you are a low Influence Team, and you’re between a Diamond Team and the safe zone, expect a smash and grab shortly after the upcoming land release.

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As Panda pointed out, there needs to be improvements to pathing.

u can still grant 2 teams passage. if u arent in the black plague super alliance with 2947152 Teams u shouldnt have that problem :joy:

…have you looked at the map at all? It’s very nature means you need to hold a ton of low level land, just for movement sake. Which is fine,
But it means a lot of small teams are going to die…

Unless PG starts granting new atlas teams an unbeatable home island for a set period of time.

Doesn’t sound like you know much about the map … 2 team limit passage is hardly enough for over half of the existing teams that are boxed in inside multiple lands owned by multiple teams, and without passage, flying primarch means nothing. Also what is the reason behind granting passages to all castles owned? @PGDave @PGEggToken why can’t we just keep the manual passage to each individual castle?

It’s called the neutral zone. That’s the best place for noob teams until you have several weeks worth of troops saved… since pvp is currently off, you’re not even losing any opportunity.

I believe you have until the 20th before it goes back on… don’t know if that’s enough time though.

Like Panda said, I’d try to make sure any land you want to claim isn’t part of an expressway for bigger teams.

Suggestion: what if there’s a list under the alliance tab (similar to players applications to a team) to accept or reject a passage request.

So now if I try to move my primarch from one castle to another it gives you the message saying something like “your path includes at least two enemy castles”

What if in that option could be a list of those castles with a “request passage” option?

The request goes to the alliance tab of that team.
Anyone in that alliance can either grant or reject your passage request. Should it be granted you have a 10 minute passage window. If rejected you have a waiting time if for instance 30min before you can request again to avoid spamming.

It’s a good idea… the problem I see is the wait for approval, and also who is able to authorize access on a team? Waiting for an approval could make travel times really long again…

Lol. The way it’s now you can be delayed for hours on just a single castle :joy::joy:

Leader and officers of all teams in an alliance would be able to see and manage this list.

With flying primarch it would have been ideal to be able to travel instantly to any of your own or alliance castles, any save zone and any NML.

This will make traveling a lot easier and with a lot less “casualties”
This will also encourage bigger teams to be able to “meet” more easily in NML for hopefully new events.

I think the idea is good… just needs a little more work to make it great. :+1:

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