Regular game replaced by Atlas?

So, there’s a rumor going around that Atlas will be the only game available, when they roll it out to everyone. Anyone else heard about this? More importantly, Anybody know if it’s true? I think I’ll quit playing if it is. They really only gave the already big levels a head start.

Lol, unless you see something officially posted by a Pg employee, ignore rumors. People like to troll and stir things up when they bored. Just ignore them.


There are no announced plans of this happening but it’s something that’s likely going to happen eventually. PG doesn’t profit from regular gameplay…like wars. There are no consumables. Where in Atlas you have consumables (troops). 2 teams war in league and nothing is gained by PG. teams war in Atlas and now they have to build troops. U can have 10+ teams war in Atlas. :moneybag:

Me too

From where?

…I really really hope not. No point in playing then.

Why is there no point in playing? :joy:

How would you upgrade your base and dragons without the main game? :exploding_head:


At that time, I’m done with this game

By main game I mean wars, leagues, etc… and of/when they decide to do this, they will figure out what to do away with and what to keep. If u think about it, it makes too much sense not to from their perspective :man_shrugging:t2:

100% agree, but it is also only personal opinion. I have no information other players do not have on this matter.

It makes sense, even though it is essentially a totally different game.

Personally, I like Atlas a lot more. But it is not the same kind of game as War Dragons. I expect some will stay some will leave, and different kinds of players will be attracted to “Atlas.”

But that is all just me reading tea leaves… And the “eventually” is a really important piece.

Of course I never played atlas and don’t really know fully what it’s about. But, I keep hearing in various league changes (gold and platinum)that this atlas is going to take over the regular game. And from the different things i heard, i started wondering why they got rid of the best event first.(koth) now I seen previews of atlas and this new event looks like a set up for what I heard in chat. Of course no one knows and no details given. So I joined the forum to ask about it.

Thanks for your responses, because either way, it seems there’ll be some time before anything happens.

On a side note… they really lose respect for giving the high lvls a head start in whatever changes are coming. It’s hard enough for us noobs already… just saying

Cause i have no interest in a money-pit board game? Idk :man_shrugging:t2: not an atlas fan.


It’s not a money pit in anyway the main game is not… Other than there is no division (no leagues).

They will both take as much money as you will throw at them.

There are more items that do not auto generate… But patience and work gives the same as money. Just not as quickly.

To each his or her own. I like the strategy and the team aspect of atlas. It requires coordination and thought in ways the core game does not. At least if you want to do well.

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My question is then, why are PG wasting their time making new events for the core game if the ultimate goal is to replace it? It seems like they could save some time, effort, and money by just running the old events for a year or two until they shut it down. It’s more probable that some kind of mesh will have to happen between the two aspects to turn them into a cohesive unit rather than one or the other winning out entirely.

I think the game will shutdown within a year of that point


Maybe the player base will be different.

Maybe they will actually make two distinct games.

I do not know.

If I leave, it will not be due to atlas. As I said, I like it. But I recognize it is not the game we signed up for.

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You need troops, which die in each attack and cost a lot of time and rss to build and maintain…or some just get wiped by a bored spender, rendering all that work moot. So most days of atlas are an unmoving stalemate…fun. Attacks are… i mean, come on, the bases are dumb. Just drool on your screen with destar. Ability to attack high above your level is useless cause its a race to finish before that destar rolls you anyway. Theres a reason so many run to atlas when they get offended now… safe haven of sorts. Mainly, just not the game i downloaded 3 years ago, wouldve deleted it within a day :man_shrugging:t2:. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion tho.

I 100% agree with you there.

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