Regular Mages or Archmages?

Hello all,

Would like to get some opinion on switch regular mages to Archmages? I have about 100k electrum. My reason is that Archmages supershot hit a lot harder.
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It is way too soon for you to be thinking about archmages which are only a little better than regular mages. Stick with normal mages, you dont have the electrums for something like archs. Even if you did there are higher priority options to build first like an orrery


If you hit a dragon with a super shot from a mage or archmage - dragon is probably done for. The extra ss damage of an archmage is nominal and not going to make a huge difference.

Electrum bars are better used for Orrery or Howitzer towers.

I didn’t start building archmage towers until amount of mage towers were maxed.

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I don’t have any cosmic to build orrery at the moment unfortunately

Don’t waste away your bars on archmages yet.

Dont recommend arkmage tower its a waste of rss really u need a super shoot for it to make damage and even if u do hit a dragon with it the damege is so low wont fell it

I think you can now merge orreys so you could merge past the tokens?

Just need a few nodes on the tree to get it started and to 10

i build archmage because they are bigger in size (i feel they have bigger hit box too) some times it helps block for tower behind some 1 shot spells👈. atleast that’s what i feel

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I hide howie behind mages. I have people tell me that it make it harder for them to time and target

well archmage is bigger than regular mage tower sooo :man_shrugging:, build those if u want those

I went with double cosmic and plylon… gonna hold off on archmages


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