ReignofAshes looking for recruits


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Currently in Plat no level requirement just activity
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Language:English mostly
Time Zone:world predominantly US time zones
Played time:NA
Age Range: older the better ha
Elite Account?:preferred
Dragon Roster Includes:hope you’re working on it
Highest Lineage Dragon:activity!

About:we are currently in Plat. We took the summer off! We are one of the many teams that has bounced down and refuses to go away. We have a strong core with lots of friends around the game that have helped us stay afloat with their alts. Well summer is over and it’s time to really rebuild. We have 7 atlas castles and receive 436 extra egg tokens a day from them. (Softens the blow from the plat egg payout) if your active and looking for a low stress team, bring it on home.


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