Reimburse wasted money

If this update is not going to be scrolled back because of the hundreds of complaints I request you refund everything spent on flaks and fire turrets! And no I don’t want reimbursed shards as they are useless! I would like wood instead of worthless shards. Secondly, I would like you to compensate us for having to redesign our entire layout to accommodate for this update. Make tower runes free to move and rotate! Kill! :dagger::clown_face::hocho:


I’ll take shards :raising_hand_man:

Edit: Whoops, long day. I’ll take embers :raising_hand_man:


I want all my timers back


That would bankrupt PG. Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of dollars were spent collectively upgrading flaks. PG will be chapter 11 if they refund that much. Even if they pay it out in timers, shards, embers, rubies, or whatever in game items it will still displace their future sales to the point where they will have negative cash flow and run out of capital. Of course they are probably going to have that problem anyway because only a fool would spend any more money on the game at this point. That would be throwing good money after bad.

The irony here is that the driving force behind the 4.0 debacle was to AVOID giving refunds to players who had leveled their dark flaks and fire turrets past level 40 only to find out that the attack power didn’t actually go up as advertised. There was no good solution to that problem…so PG apparently decided to commit corporate suicide and do the only thing that would make it worse.

Maybe its time to get a good ole class action suit going, although the TOS probably prohibits action as a class and probably has a mandatory arbitration clause. IDK I never read it.

I think that checking the “Yes, I have read these terms and conditions” box on so many things is probably one of the biggest lies everyone tells :laughing:

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Their TOS isn’t all that long. I have read it several times. but i can summarize for all in one sentence “We own the game and we can change whatever we want because your account is actually our account and we never owe you an explanation”

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