Reiter / Bauzeit Reduktion


I’ve been playing the game since 2017 and I’m still fully involved. My first rider was Gogg. Over time I have had so many riders, some are experts, some are not. Some I no longer need, others I no longer want. When do you introduce a shredder. With this we can convert the unnecessary rider into something else. Hour, rubies, shards. And combine buildings.


we could take away the construction time reduction of Défense Reiter, instead create a new branch every season, like with base-booster.

1st price line ending with: -1% reduction
2. Price line ending with: -1% additional etc.

Deff. Riders can still take care of storage capacity, HP and attack.

I’m over lvl 520 and why should I spend on SOLA 37.5 sigils for only -2% construction reduction for Which shortens 1.5 days for a 113 tower.

i hope you can understand my google translate english …

Ah so you don’t want to pay 37k sigils for a 2% improvement, but instead you would like to pay 37k sigils each and every season for no improvement at all. Brilliant plan.