Release Notes 5.27 - Official Discussion Thread

Alright everyone, the 5.27 Release Notes are up: Version 5.27 Release Notes

Discuss here, right meow.

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Thank you for monuments in autobattle.


Healing dragons will now be sorted according to tier and then power in the roster, and no longer shuffled to the back of the menu.

Would be nice to stop changing sorting order. Somehow we already have several different. There is sorting in the normal roster, then, accidentally there is another one in dungeons, where dragons to be healed are in the end of roster. During last Dungeons I’ve f…ed up couple of flights due to that - haven’t found quickly necessary dragon. After failed flight I recall that dragons go to the end, just to f… up another dungeon, because sorting for healed is different, depending on if it is you who started attack, or your have joined.

In the battle, when there is a defence, there are just 5 seconds to chose the dragon (and heal it), and strongest are usually needs to be healed. Sorting by power already not the best one from my point, because if you disable attack/hp boost, the order changes. Now the order is shuffled even more…

UPD: I actually liked the original one, where dragons was grouped by classes - warriors with warriors, etc, in a FIXED and PREDICTABLE order, so you always know where each dragon is.


@PGGalileo appreciate the update and efforts to improve the game.

Bump: any update on the +2 bronze chest drops for better economy balance or adjusting incubation times to help out with timers for the economy???



That would be great as well as knowing the status of removing/reducing dragon healing time


I dont even have autobattle so this means nothing for me :disappointed:

Autobattle will be rolled out to everyone today.


What in the world

I can run an invader with Apop and not even have to touch my screen? Win

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Any fix for howzy current range and firing speed glitch?


time for my nucifera to outshine krelos… :relieved:

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  • We’ve made sure to notify you when your Elite has ended with a handy pop-up reminder.

How about letting us buy monthly Atlas Elite before the current month ends so we don’t have to dip down to 8k farmer hats every single time?


And or an annual option.


I’ve messed up flights due to having the entirely wrong roster for regular flights too. There were a couple times I went to back someone in an Invader/main game run only to find my roster was all Red dragons. Suuuuuuuuuuper fun.

On the android crash bugs being squashed, does this include the primarch summoning bug some have reported?

They probably won’t do that cause it will highlight how ridiculously overpriced atlas elite actually is.


The mischievous gaming community persona I adopt when I’m not working wanted to reply to this with “Your face is overpriced!” with a grinch gif. Since I won’t actually do that at random, I figured that my explaining it would take some of the bite out, but also also makes it less funny. My post is a masterclass in how you kill a joke. RIP.


I didn’t see this specifically squashed, but it could be. The notes weren’t that granular.

Thanks PG. great improvements coming our way. Appreciate it.

Good update !