Release Notes 5.50 - Official Discussion Thread

Here they are: Version 5.50 Release notes



Curious about the art stuff :eyes:


Much more interested by the “You should be able to launch the game more quickly now when launching WD”.

Feel like I’ve spent half my life waiting for the game to launch.


Would like to see what this means.

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Looking forward to faster game launch, and the art department rarely disappoints so new screens will likely be nice :blush:


The Atlas elite extension caught my eye - does that mean buying Atlas elite will no longer be capped by duration of the elite?

If so, about time!


I wish we could buy a 3 day atlas elite sub. I only want it for troop training events


Hourly elite rental :joy_cat:

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I feel like I need to go top off my atlas elite now Incase this new way is painful.

Expectation: Removal of elite caps
Reality: Automatic billing as soon as previous elite runs out (so troops still reset down)


While it look nice for the fix and faster launch, is this really a good idea to add those new thing, at the same time we will run/test the beta crystal cave event + fort event start, + new atlas season start, all that all at once??!

I am the only one afraid of wednesday start of event ???


Nope byd I feel your pain. Glad I have enough liquor to make it thru this nightmare that’s fixing to bestowed on us lol

Posted in the wrong thread. Just a quick LOL at this:

  • We implemented an easy way for people to extend Atlas Elite

Guess PG and I were thinking alike when it came to guard changes …

What’s the versus screen image? Is that the battle loading screen or something else?

As a droid player its nice to see some work on our gameplay experience.

In my opinion one of the biggest issues is that new droid devices really struggle with normal attacks, have the team isolated this issue and is a fix on the horizon?

As an example the game runs fine on my S8+

But its very hit and miss on my S20.

I can attack a base and it runs perfectly.

But maybe every 5th or 6th run it runs pixel by pixel. A 2 minute run takes 8 minutes.

Often ill approach an island and then the game will rewind me back to the last island which messes up spell timing.

It will rewind 3 or 4 islands. ( a bit like Hau2 )

It feels like some sort of video driver or video card issue because the device is miles over spec for what the game needs.

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I would imagine that the new guard changes are intentionally timed to release with the new Atlas season so that they can test the effect of the change throughout the whole season. If they released it halfway through it wouldn’t be as effective a test.

As for releasing events: I don’t remember any major issues with the release of Temple Raid. Nor do I remember any major issues with the changes PG made to Fight Pits and Team Gauntlet. In fact I don’t even remember major issues with the initial release of Kingdom Wars. The only issues I remember with the release of Assault were the War Cry bug that had been floating around before the release, and cheaters. In fact the only event I can think of that was a problem on release was Team Dungeons, which to be fair to PG involved the addition of a side event, and a whole new damn map. I think you are allowing the recent fiascos with the Kingdom War changes to influence your perspective.

Does that mean this will go smoothly? Who knows. Part of the reason its a beta is to reduce impact of any problems. If things go wrong, the worst that’s likely to happen is you have a fort event with some extra prizes from a secondary PvP event that only lasts a day.

Also of course its not a democracy. Its a game. Game development can’t be a democratic thing, or else nothing ever gets done. Hell, the community can’t even agree on whether or not dragons like Gig and Quasar are overpowered or balanced. And just because PG doesn’t do what you wanted and advocated for doesn’t mean they don’t listen.


Curious about the “atlas elite” too :thinking:

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I’m wondering where the mention of open multiple chests is.

This has been in testing for weeks and is something that requires a client update (if my understanding of main game chests not being web based is correct)

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If revenues aren’t up sufficiently, the troop count requirement to hit guards will be lowered.

Get your bullhorn/diamond six packs today!