Release Notes 5.60 - Official Discussion Thread

Not much to discuss this time around - but here are the Release Notes: Version 5.60 Release Notes

Let us know if you have any questions :muscle:


Can just make ikaros heal work by modified hp please if pg still have any good will on him
Even lower hp heal back is fine cause we already pass the base hp for years
Same with sorathrm


“Ikaros’ Invoke: Stardust and Starry Night shields weren’t working properly, but we brought Ikaros back to Dragon School and taught him how to cast spells the right way. All fixed!”

What exactly changed…? Hopefully nothing major that changes the way I fly him lol…

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Any chance the Temple Raid QoL improvement was added for the temple guards and it was missed on the patch notes :stuck_out_tongue:

If you cast starry night while you have the invoke shot preloaded, it greyed out galvanic until you casted the invoke

I assume that’s what they’re referring to


Sadly , that still happens. Small bug and easy to work around but still annoying.


What do you mean?

That’s the Ikaros bug, but I still don’t have the update so I guess this will be fixed soon.


Sry, but I still don’t understand what is exactly meant. You try to use the invoke shot and the red an blue spell are disable because of mage towers. :sweat_smile::see_no_evil:

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Aaaahh, ok.
The blu spell is disabled cause of the blue mage but not the red spell (GO). That’s the bug, GO should be available.

Oh damn thank you, I see. I use Ikaros this often that I didn’t mentioned it. Sorry

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Yes once you have your 4th shot (the invoke shot disable) charged, and you use the blue spell (starry night). It will gray out SGO, until you use the invoke shot.

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What does “Mini Update” mean and when will it be released? Ikaros still has this problem.

Meaning there isn’t much in the update and the update won’t come out until Tuesday. This is an advance notice of what is coming in the update we have to download next week.

He would be too overpowered tbh. The only real skill with him is hp management.

Because there is no way to reduce the % but change it to modified HP

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Nebulon has the same bug. If you have the invoke loaded and cast Scheming then Evil Glare greys out until you fire the invoke. If you dont cast Scheming then you can use EG even with the invoke shot loaded

So maybe it’s more of an invoker bug rather than for a specific dragon


They’d just have to do literally the exact same scaling that they did when the switched all spells to use modified stats. Just change it and then adjust the spell numbers accordingly.

Did u read the lower sentence
I said if lower his hp regain is fine
As long as we have at least a consistent data to base his hp on, it’s just stupid that all the spell is modified hp now but some spell now revert to base hp

That’s correct :slight_smile: It’s a problem with the interaction between invoke shots and free targeting spells in general

Just used Ikaros for the example since the fix was going out for him - not sure if that’ll fix other invokers (well, neb) too or not

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