Release Notes, mini-patch: 5.65.1

Dragon Lords, we’ll be releasing a mini-patch today to address some backend crashing issues for iOS devices.


PVP shields will be activated again? thanks.

So much potential doom hidden in one sentence. Like saying you’re only going to be shooting rubber bullets at an atom bomb :see_no_evil: :boom:


I assume this is the reason why my game won’t load anymore? :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit : deleted app and reinstalled app that fixed issue for me. I like that the app now remembers who we are and we don’t have to do the intro anymore :slight_smile: thumbs up!

@PGGalileo can you kindly add the release notes? Ty sir!

This IS the release note :slight_smile:




Oh right thought there must of been more to it!

As a heads up it completely corrupted my android game client so that’s why I thought there was more haha.

In case your software engineers want to investigate on my S20E I was leveling prims in atlas. I then leveled up a rider.

I tried to return to atlas and got this message

Checked forums and saw that there was a new patch.

Was unable to log into game for next 9 hours same error. ( I was waiting for a droid version of the patch to drop in the shop but guess there wasn’t one given this was iOS. - error message confirmed my thinking )

I deleted app and reinstalled it.

Everything worked from there.

Bit odd that an iOS patch killed my droid client installation of the game! ( might of been a coincidence I guess but thought it might be helpful including the steps in case anyone wants to look into it )

Any updates yet on the eta regarding fixes for using animated portraits turning attack/defense standby screen black?

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