Releasing new version please check back later, Breed event issues

Really!!! Why are you releasing a new version after an event is live. I already bred a new dragon but was not getting any points so I restarted and now I pray that it counted.

On the plus side I liked the 100 embers for 125 black pearls. Even if it froze out and wouldn’t let me claim more than 3.


Yes, I’m trying to Access game as well, well May as well wait for new version, I hope my tablet does not grow cobwebs until than.


All my event claims rolled back after I got back in.

Then I reclaimed, spent them again (which had also rolled back).

Restarted the game and am now in the rolled back state again

Yea happening for me as well, just have to wait a couple hours I guess

I just got the notification of resources received but game won’t start … I stayed awake 3:25am here … just to see game not working haaa…

I have the same issue. Lame

a lot of my team also have this problem

You mean this

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i cant claim prizes either…

looks like many have that issue for this event … Daily prizes or event prizes just roll back…

Reginald broke the game


Already tried twice to generate, twice returned back. Claimed twice the ember, never help, no sigils and now … We’re releasing a new version please record…

I swear I have seen people on the forum say that the last trading post was game breaking. Reginald just wanted to keep the status quo


Gotta hand it to him though, he’s consistent

Oh well, this time Breeding will last more than 30 seconds XD


ahahahahhaha true

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Yay that’s good right… right :upside_down_face:

Okay seems to have fixed itself now, one sync issue but nothing since, all data seems to stay😅.
Here’s hoping all done🤞

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Ok the problem has been solved. Reginald made quite a mess. I close this thread :slight_smile: