Remaining divines

When will they release spells ?

It’ll be uploaded to my Instagram in 37 minutes


Thanks shadow, if u get plz post here.

@ShadowsOfBirds she said 37 minutes!! talk about “on point” lol It’s a count down :rofl::rofl:


@ShadowsOfBirds can you post the link when you upload it?

They’re there now, but it would’ve been a little more useful if I knew what the spells actually do…

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Available on the War Dragons Academy Facebook page as well as the .info Facebook page now.

The descriptions are there, just swipe left.

Ah apologies, I don’t really use instagram, didn’t realise there were more images behind. Thanks for sharing them!

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Thank you for giving us the information. @ShadowsOfBirds and the rest of the CF members


I posted them on my twitter @delawarefury

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