Remaining sigils

Fat chance suggestion but it doesn’t hurt to try, right?

I have 45 sigils left. What if the game gave us a bronze chest for every 10 sigils we are holding after the end of a season? I know 4 bronze chests aren’t even worth the time I am putting into this post, but hey, better than the ‘ol “now you see ‘em, now you don’t” trick.


I prefer it let us save for next winter, i also got excat 45 left.

The Sigils actually change each season, both different seasons (winter, spring etc), and same but different years (Winter 16-17, and Wintertide). Sure the winter Sigils may look the same but they are under different names. Unfortunately your 45 remaining Sigils are just going to go down the drain unless you find some other Wintertide Sigils to get your next prize.

To be fair, a waste of 45 sigils really isn’t that bad. Cheapest prize out now costs 100 sigils.

Unlike in real life, there is no nice man (who may or may not have a criminal record that ought to bar him from contact with children) behind the counter that will let you round up your unused arcade tickets for a plastic whistle.

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:cry: 95 sigils. Failed to get 25 more sigils from bronze to replace the wood protection I used.

85 sigils leftover lol… 1 more bronze chest COULD HAVE yielded a Gold Chest (if I had gotten 25 sigils in it). Good thing I am not a gambler :rofl:

can still buy sigil chest(s)


Noooooo please no.

People would save ALL of their sigils for the next winter season if that were the case. I prefer they keep these seasons as separate as possible


Ugh I have 400 sigils and have nothing I can use them on :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: for once saving up my end of season gold and bronze chests so guess these just go to waste… being able to cash them in for chests is a great idea imo

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you did every line? can’t even get the pricey gold chest for 100?

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Nope lol cheapest chest left is 500 second page of riders or the 2gold in neptus which is just so ridiculous

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bummer, you must be pretty high level to have completed all the dragons and first pages of riders. Could always open a sigil chest or two I suppose

Congrats! In your case…1 gold chest per 100 leftover sigils. Only because you have no other prizes which you can use your sigils on. Otherwise people would hold sigils for gold chests instead of the other crappy prizes (like silver chests).

Edit: That might be too complicated though.

What sigil chests are you talking about?

supers are still showing for me

I need more caffeine LOL.

Or 100 tokens per 10 sigils :smiling_imp:


me too, don’t feel bad

Thanks :dragon_face::dragon_face: yeah that sounds reasonable but it’ll never happen… @obfirmo I’m 222 getting there :dragon_face: