Remap of chest drops

Think it is time that these sliver and gold chests need to get remapped, different or better drops.

Were you aware you can edit your post? Then you could fix a few of the typos and maybe use some punctuation which would make it easier for people to work out what you are saying :slight_smile:

I give up on trying to work out what this means :thinking:

Read it. It is not that hard to understand unless you have problems reading lol. Then sorry

Yeah, don’t do that.

Why would you WANT wood in Gold Chests? Just hunt for it. Do your missions in between events for tokens. Only open Gold Chests during PVPs.

I do agree though that there are things in Gold chests which I find worthless, i.e. attack/defence boosts.

I disagree that a Gold chest bought with rubies should carry better loot than a gold chest not bought.

During events it gets scarce on wood so then I’ll have to Rely on chest or team. Sometime teams run out to fast. The moral of this topic is I just feel as if the chess drop should be remapped and better prices though.

And I agree 100% that’s how it should be, should be a lot better drops if use of Rubys to buy chest.

Re-read it and you’ll understand it.

Only at the beginning. Be patient and there is plenty of wood around at the end of the event.

This game preys on people’s impatience to get them to spend resources they don’t need to.

It does? With the x3 lumber we have now I have never managed to run even slightly low. By saturday the bank is maxed and the whole TC is filled with people trying to get rid of lumber. Was useful the time I got back from holiday on monday and had to get 90m lumber in one evening, but even then I didn’t feel any need for lumber packs.


I get a lot better prizes during our fort event then compared to PVP so that’s why I do like the wood drops it’s easier to build and I never run out of timers.

I was disagreeing with your point here.

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See that makes no sense free gold chest should be standard, and if I spend Rubys that I have paid for it should be better drops.

Why? Gold Chest is a Gold chest regardless of how it’s paid for.


They don’t alway run the 3X lumber on fort events. Then in TC I see everyone using till the end if they have the timers, if not sending to another that has the timers

They have done 3x for the last 10 fort events, why would you adjust gold chests now?

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Negative buddy. It’s been quite a few events ago since they have. Definitely wrong there

I suspect Morreion is a better authority on this


Just saying in general that the gold chest drops suck. A lot of items should be considered more sliver chests. Also bringing a point to where sliver chest should include more then just ruins.

Based on this I’m gonna say you maybe don’t have the answers

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He might be, but every other war game I have they gold chests always kick ass. These gold and sliver chest are just slack.