Remember When? A PHRogue Origins Story of Finding Fun in War Dragons

Remember when you first downloaded War Dragons? You were just a noob in this big world of dragons and big bases you didn’t dare attack. For me, sapphire dragons like Hauset and Apophet ruled the skies and the birth of garnet dragons was on the horizon. Events were fun and exciting. The players were happy. The future was bright for this game. For those of you that will continue to read this, thank you. It’s not only a story of what I’ve done in the game, but one with a bigger meaning. I hope to show that by finding what made this game fun for me, it will help you to find where you enjoyed it. Somewhere in the past few months, a lot of folks lost the joy of the game and got too caught up in the numbers behind it. It has caused too much friction between players and devs. We need to get that joy back. PG needs to help us find our love for the game again. Hopefully after reading this, you try to remember your origins story…

It was April of 2016. I was scrolling through Facebook and playing some other game like any other typical night at home. Then there it was. An ad popped up for War Dragons. I love me some dragons so I downloaded it. About an hour in I decided I didn’t like it. It seemed like another building game where I would never have enough speed ups to keep up. And so it got deleted. It wasn’t until October that I would pick it back up. This time for good.

I noticed a couple coworkers playing it. The bugged me for a few days to start playing. Eventually I did. Skarr, Nightshade, and Ebon were the prize dragons that season. Me being me, I wanted all three. Long story short, they’re all stuck in green tier. Rookie mistake right? At the time, tips and guides were around, but not as popular as they are now. But I was having fun learning on the fly. I had a full base. I had every dragon available to me. I thought I was doing great. I was sooooo wrong lol. I had over leveled myself and I’m still paying for it.

Around December, I decided I was too big for Gold league and wanted to test myself in Sapphire. This was before sub leagues so sapphire was basically D2. Here is where I found the social side of the game. My first team was great and I still talk to them, but they were quiet in game mostly. But this new team, I met some really great players. Some are no longer playing, others went to other teams. One I will stay on a team with until we no longer play the game. The social aspect made the game 10 times more fun.

After spending the winter season in Sapphire, the team disbanded and I went back to my original team. I was then one of the bigger players on the team. We had recruited some other really good players and decided to make a push for Sapphire. The competitive nature in me really came out then. I started spending a little more. I did everything I could to help the team move forward. We made it to sapphire. Didn’t stay long because sub leagues were introduced and we were pushed back to plat 3. I couldn’t stay. I wanted to play with the big dogs. I found some friends from the sapphire team I was on. They got me on their team.

At this point I thought I hit the jackpot of teams. The group of people was fun to chat with and mess around in game with. Even when there was no event going on. I got accepted to the Creators Faction. I started a YouTube channel and made some cool videos. I was really into the game. Up to that point, no game had ever kept my attention for so long. But all good things come to an end, right?

Fast forward to October 2017. I was invited to the Atlas Launch Party. I got to meet some of the Pocket Gems staff and as well as the other CF members. I just kept thinking that PG must really care about the game to invite players to their office and hear what the players think of the game.

Now that Atlas had started, the game focus had shifted. Alliances were formed. World domination had become main part of the game. I wanted to do everything Atlas offered. But the team was more reserved than I wanted to be. I was losing the fun. But I stayed because the rewards were too good to pass up.

Another year later. It’s October 2018. I was invited to the Dragon Summit. I got to meet the other Gameplay Faction members. These players are really smart and no more about the ins and outs of the game than I ever will. They find the fun in the numbers. I find it in mastering a dragon’s skills. I can’t tell you where to find it. That’s for you to figure out.

After the Summit, things went downhill on the team I was on. There were grumbling from other team members. I really wasn’t having fun anymore. It was just bad. One night a situation was handled totally wrong so four of us left. I landed on a team that thinks like I do. I can playvthe game the way I want with no restraints. The game is fun again. I’ve been here almost a year and still love this team as much as I did when I found it.

If you’ve made it this far, you must either be really bored, or I somehow caught your attention. I promise I’m almost done lol. Anyway… It’s September 2019. Players are frustrated with PG. PG doesn’t know how to fix the relationship. The #pgcanwetalk movement was born. Players are boycotting or leaving all together. It’s a dumpster fire. Players need to step back and remember why they love playing the game. Stop getting so wrapped up in the numbers. It’s a game. Enjoy it! PG needs to find what made the players fall in love with the game and get back to it. There’s a happy middle here somewhere.

I hope by reading this, you see where I found joy in the game. It’s notvthe trips to SF. Part of it is the competition. Part of it is the community. Most of it is its an escape from all the real life crap. It’s a fun, kick ass game WITH DRAGONS!!! All I ask from all of you, is to think back to when first installed the game. Remember when you first found the joy in it. Find it again…



Geez I thought you were also doing your farewell speech for a second, don’t scare us like that -,-


Na my farewell speech will be short and sweet lol


Not gonna lie, I thought this was going to be a farewell speech too :joy:

I was very glad to see that it wasn’t.

Incidentally, this is a big part of why I hang out around P1. The game is a lot more fun down here.


I have an alt in platinum 3. It’s fun there with the wars and everything. But I like progressing and my main won’t move very much there. And I would be accused of sandbagging :rofl:


Join us, you won’t be accused to sandbagging :grin:



Mine revolves around the phrase “goddamn it Travis!”


Sometimes I miss the days when I worshiped the guy on my team who had Deci and thought people over level 100 were gods. Times were simpler then. :relaxed:


When I first started Travis told me amarok was the best dragon in the game (we weren’t on sapphire or something by this point) and I believe him up until I got it.

This game was never about the numbers for me. I leave it for the people more competent in that field and actually have fun doing all sorts of calculations like if simple attacks are 0,00025634% better payout than super or if opening gold chests for timers is better during that event or the other…
I’m just having fun at this point.
Actually, in that part I must say that my first team that I went all the way from Gold 5 up to Platinum 2 with throughout 1 year, was the most fun to me. We learned together, we built that team, I was an officer most of the time (which was exciting in the beginning and not so much later). It felt like a family, a team with very strong ties. It felt pretty similar even when I went to a Sapphire team to have a break from officer duties and just burn some things. However the further we went, the less family-like that team have become, and not much fun anymore with many changes made by the leadership.

That is the point where I wanted to either quit the game because it was no fun to fly anymore, or at least take a break for a season or so. But coincidently this was the time when I met someone special in game that later grew up into the real life. And we found the fun of this game in flying together again, setting and reaching the goals together, and just loving to wreck those big bases :slightly_smiling_face: just not on a team too demanding that needs robots and spenders instead of people who have real life and feelings.

So I think it’s just about the people around, the game is always fun if you have same goals and interests with your team, and if you stay away from forums as far as possible to be honest :sweat_smile: The less I read about these boycotts and whining, the more freely and comfortably I can play.

wall of text… wouldn’t even write in if I wasn’t bored at work right now


I started playing this game not long after PG took over. I really enjoyed the game for a few years & still largely do. Since the start the fun in the game has gained a monetary value. PG is responsible for this & it has had an adverse impact on players advancement. If you don’t spend your advancement is quite slow. I’ve taken the approach of not spending on the game & just trying to enjoy it.
Once again PG do their best to make this difficult by continuing to releasing updates that create more problems than are resolved.
My current team is excellent & supports all levels of players & other teams in Atlas. Above all else they are fun!
All we can do is remember why we play(fun) and that we are all ages. Not just kids

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When the game was fun? You mean… Before Atlas. Before seasonal dragons. It hasn’t been fun in so long it’s hard to remember that far back.
Why do I keep playing??? I really don’t know. It’s habit. I have a lot of time invested. (I’ve been playing since the beginning!). I belong to a great team and feel I owe them something. So… I do the minimum required - I call em my chores. Maybe an hour a day. It’s not fun and eventually I’ll stop.
Thanks so much, PG for taking an absolute delight of a game and making it miserable - all for the $$$ I guess.


That was a fascinating read, Rogue. Thank you for taking the time to walk us through your story.


The changing numbers is why many people have quit.

PG’s greed has come to a head.

I still hold out some hope but not much.

PS. Great origin story!!

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I think that we need to try and show pg that if they do not fix the problems it will result in the game shutting down

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