Reminder: Dec 5 = End of the Season = End of Breeding Token Boost

Just a reminder that the end of the season is a week away :scream:. Remember to get your grind on if your next breed is expensive.

For best pricing, speedup the first one whenever (30 rubies), second at 60 rubies or fewer, and third at 120 rubies or fewer. Gogo :tada:

Also, if you need a chart of sigil costs to help with prize claiming, check mechengg’s sigil breakdown here.


I can’t beleive i am about to finish my first full season here. :grinning:
I didn’t get the Breeding Token Boost (was a n00b at the time) but to all new players that see this


I got it. How do I use it?

It applies within 24 hours. With elite, you should see 40+40 on the first, 80+80 on the second, and 160+160 on the third. Without elite, just ignore the bit after the +. There won’t be another breeding event before the season ends, but the bonus doesn’t stack with the event, so it’d remain the same.

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Ok thank you for the fast reply. :grinning:

Ohh that’s how it works. Thx

Do Not get the Fall Season boost now!! There is only one week left.

Prioritize to get it as soon as it is released next season. Winter - After Dec 5


Last season I asked to have this bonus in the first 2 branch of the season… it was implicit that the request was for all seasons… :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Just a corrected suggestion, knowing PG its not necessary that the sigil costs for the season branches are the same.
But thank you, it gives a good general idea for sure.

I heard rumors that the breeding token bonus will not be on a dragon branch this season, but rather by itself on a separate bonus tree or something like that.

Is there a post on that somewhere? I cant find it. Thanks!

Yes, it’s in the stream notes :slight_smile:; if you want to find it in the stream, it’s in the earlier half, if I remember correctly.

As it’ll be only the split branch by itself without the earlier 800 sigils from the dragon branch, people are thinking that it’ll cost 3,150 sigilts.

Thanks! Sounds like this will be a good thing.

It is confirmed that it applies to elite account players? I just received the bonus and I know you mentioned “within 24 hours”, but it has not applied. Guess I’m being antsy but wanting to double check

Yes, I’ve gotten it for the past two seasons. It’s usually faster than 24h, but it’s been 24h this time from what other people are saying.

No bonus and no elite account - 20 - 40 - 80
No bonus and has an elite account - 20 + 20 - 40 + 40 - 80 + 80
With bonus and no elite account - 40 - 80 - 160
With bonus and has an elite account - 40 + 40 - 80 + 80 - 160 + 160


The one thing that they dont tell you is that you do NOT get the bonus during Breeding event (although you do still get the bonus that everyone gets). Basically this means that it doesnt stack. So instead of getting 13 weeks of double the egg tokens that you otherwise would have gotten, you get 10 weeks of it, since there are 3 breedings per season typically.

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