Remove ambiguity in season plans

Eclipse season plan hand out

The season plan handed out at the beginning of this season had a lot of drawbacks that resulted in a lot of confusion and mistakes.

What changes should be in the new season plan?

  • It shouldn’t stop at week 6
  • All major branches should be clearly listed with costs

What was missing in the eclipse season plan?

  • The new tower branch
  • The general tower branch
  • Festive branch
  • Mission boost branch

Yes! Unfortunately, I get impression PG doesn’t plan out the seasons in detail beforehand. The cost and structure of the tower branch for this season is one example. I also think there is reason to limit sharing information with players to incentivize unplanned purchases.


Hit it on the nail. Releasing the structure the way they do and with unannounced additions and changes throughout the season forces people to spend more money to get things they want but hadn’t planned for. As long as they feel they have a balance in how many people get frustrated and leave the game vs how much money they bring in from people trying to obtain unannounced branches I don’t see them changing this.

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I’m pretty sure they have all of the above but what they missed was the timer branch

They used to give us one for week 8/9 with the festive included but stopped after Naja’s season I think.

I would just like one that had all the lines listed. I totally get things change throughout a season and that is fine but Im tired of “surprise” lines suddenly showing up and not being able to properly plan or take advantage of boosts. There was no reason not to have put the tower line on the seasonal layout given that they listed it in the season menu as week 8 the whole season and there was absolutely no reason that they didnt tell us it would be boosted when we spent about 6 weeks asking about that.


It’s almost like they would like you to buy some packs to get these unexpected extra goodies. Can’t really blame them for trying to make a living.

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@PGGalileo I hope you have read this for the upcoming stream.

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