Remove crystal win animation when opponent has less than 10%

I don’t think there is a need to celebrate winning a crystal in crystal caves when the opponent is not doing a relevant effort to take it, say when they have not taken at least 10% (or when opponent is pve), it just makes players lose time

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Toggle animations off could be a nice setting


A shorter animation would be nice.

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Shorter/fewer animations in general would be nice. They’re unnecessary and just slow things down.


Tbh the animations are cool. It’s the speed is king game style that kills the small things in the game. Getting rid of animations make sense here, at the cost of a better player experience IMO.

Yes, a button to toggle off animations would be great. It’s perhaps nice to have them for a new player, but after seeing them 100s of times, it’s a drag. Some other particularly time consuming ones:

  • Opening chests
  • Attack successful!
  • Completing rider missions

There is a science behind it. Lol

Game developers know what to do to get us sucked into the game.

It’s those “winning” animations we see when we first start playing that trigger our “reward” sensors in our brain.

Dopamine is king. It’s why we get addicted to WD or any other game and ultimately spend money to keep winning.

It’s a gateway drug. :joy:

[Interesting read about why we get addicted to games ]


Forcing us to celebrate the 10+ white crystal where opponents are hitting another one can have the reverse effect …

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Especially when you see the same animation for same crystal because the game decides you haven’t seen it yet, like the delayed and repeated battle results screens