Remove Fight Pits

Petition to remove Fight Pits event from the game. One like = one signature.


Signed :smiling_imp::wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




What about those who r against it?
How can they vote?

they dont


They dont get a vote, they get a padded room


Nah…i prefer they should get a room full of ice cream!

sureee! ice cream it is



Its called CreditCardBonanza get it right. Way too much rss needed to gain shitty prizes.


Yep. When you have to be in the coliseum just to get 1k points from a super with 3 IF then there is something wrong. Complete rss sink for garbage points and prizes


If everyone wouldn’t go much further than to reach the 5/5 and 8/8 prize level in this event it might gonna treat them to remove it.

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Crystal cave is worse


How? Points are way better per attack, you get huge amounts of bonus points doing multies and it is quite easy to max for not a lot of inners. CC might be boring as hell but it pays far better than Pits. Pits isnt even worth playing


Don’t remove Fight Pits.


Lets be honest here they need to remove all events and start fresh same shit over and over as part of the revamp that im hopefull will start with the new atlas season they can keep it Goin with a new event every season till all new and so on if they lack the talent then pg should fire people and start with new programmers


Pits need a rework or gets removed. Rewards vs rss spend is terrible. + rankings are most likely done by deals and no hits.


100% agree caves is best and you don’t have to battle a wider alliance, it is team v team. I can easily hit the 8th team prize without using inners (I do though ) but have done it in the past to see if it was possible and it is.

Pit is alliance v alliance and to be open a waste of time.


All events fail and eventually succumb to the continuously escalating meta……

They all start out somewhat decently and they degrade as we move along and that’s because they are short term features based on a short term objectives and ran cyclically to extend their viability and allow for adjustments to keep them viable.

But eventually ALL cyclic short term events fail to drive engagement and end up tossed into the dumpster fire :fire:
And as for why they degrade that’s rather simple it’s all based upon the core objective of defense :man_shrugging:
And that’s what a core objective of defense does it forces the use of short term mechanics and features to support it….

And it can be fixed at anytime with a handful of major additions and major changes……ahhh yes all is not lost because it can be changed and fixed……

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Personally I still like Gauntlet and do look forward to it. It’s a Team vs Team event which imo is far better. My only complaints about it are the lame PvE team that the bottom gets stuck with and that no one wants to keep hitting the baby islands in the chain after it has been cleared the first time. I’d like to see those islands get boosted after the chain has been cleared. That or just remove the cd on Gustav.

Temple Raid used to be more fun but has lost some of its appeal. I do love the league scaling and the raiding. It’s also nice that it’s the one event that offers portraits for us to get. I would like to see the Supercharge changed a bit so it isnt just 1st or nothing. Maybe top 5 teams would get it
Biggest issue with TR is that is has always been so heavily exploited by cheaters and sandbaggers. And Im sorry but it’s pretty absurd that they’ll temp ban people for storing their bases as an exploit but didnt temp ban teams who were repeatedly using the recently fixed exploit.

Crystal Caves is ok. It gets really boring an repetitive after the first day but the points are really good. I absolutely hate the bombs, especially when you get ones like Sorcerer or Invoker which often just sit there because no one wants or can do them.
I also liked it better when mega coins were restricted and when there were 17 rounds instead of 25. Seriously, as soon as you get done with your multis and energy it’s time for the next round which heavily plays into the burnout.
Also CC heavily rewards sandbagging. It needs some league scaling like TR. Like reduce the multipliers for Gold and Plat and/or make the Saph and Diamond multis better. Like
Gold: 8 x10 multis per round
Plat: 10 x10 multis per round
Saph: 8 x 15 multis per round
Diamond: 6 x25 multis per round

Gauntlet > Temple Raid >> CC > Kidney Stones > Fight Pits


But here’s the point what will they even replace Fight Pits with?
Whatever makes Pg more money odds are most likely they won’t remove it. I would love to try Tug of War or something similar to it or King of The Hill.

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