Remove game from Android store

Atlas on Android is so buggy its almost unplayable, no banners, terrible lag, icons not updating, crashes. Honestly you shouldn’t be selling this game on the Google Play Store if you don’t properly support Android. I am going to have to move to Apple, and I expect other team members will need to as well.


It all depends on your phone. I have 3 different android devices and they all play VERY differently in atlas and in the game in general.

Maybe try to change some of your settings (if you haven’t already)

I thought this game was called War Dragons isn’t responding

Seriously though the second game inside the game is “try not to hit Close app or send feedback while hitting in Atlas”. This has been actual years, and even with videos sent to support and them saying they’re working on it, nothing… After every single Atlas attack this pops up…


Omfg :joy: this killed me

What settings do you recommend changing?

i would change it to lowest but keep monuments on

poor android user, what android gadget can play this game smoothly? 12/ 256 android 11?

I also have this screen very regularly. During attacks regularly it appears and unfortunately in the action I click on send a report. Result I can not attack and I am killed before …

But I am thinking more of changing the game during the next season than of changing the phone to correct this problem.


sending report is waste of time

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I switched to my old iPad mini WOW what a difference Atlas screens load WAY faster, banners show reliably, so far no crashes, much of the Atlas lag is gone or if there is lag I don’t notice it. It also fixed some annoying small UI bugs that plagued me on two Android phones and there’s lots of little men and birds flying around WTF did they come from.

Problem solved just don’t use War Dragons on Android.

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I feel you. The amount of times this pops up as I’m clicking through screens just for me to hit “close the app” :woman_facepalming:t3:

PoW of castle owner I’m attacking: “did she come here to sacrifice her troops ? Why is she not attacking ?”
Me: accidentally hits close app, patiently waits for the game to start again “oh look “your primarch has been freed” ducking great👍”


Define smooth.

Like a poo.

Go into atlas and go to settings there. It will give you options in there that are only for atlas that can help.

Turn off:

  • Show team color (makes map ugly but loads better)
  • Show quest banner (just ew)
  • Enable region view (removes the castle listed view when clicking a region)
  • (Optional) confirm moves with greater then 3 minutes
  • Confirm moves to enemy territory


  • Camera lock. ON Holy motion sickness but you can take funny screenshots to screw with people.

Non atlas settings you can turn off to help runs:

  • Enable damage number (pretty useless)
  • Destruction animation
  • High quality water (unfortunately doesn’t turn off in atlas)
  • Show trees in battle mode
  • Show base skins in battle mode

You can also change the level of detail but be warned that if you turn it too low you will have a hard time telling the different flaks apart. I rarely recommend going to low.


You might not believe it but doing what your saying is actually made it worse :rofl:
Because I have the latest and greatest android device if I stray off “recommended” settings it gets even laggier…

Game is not designed for Android players, keep it real lol. Doesn’t matter if you have the most advanced android, it’s just not as smooth as an apple device.


It really depends on your device. Like I said, I have 3 actually 4 android devices. Each of them I’ve played with the settings to figure out the best ones.

My worst device, Moto G6, has it on all the lowest settings and it runs a lot better now. It still crashes and when it does, it blames the settings but I know better. It crashes a lot more with the settings up. (I’m pretty sure the recommended will always put it up to max)

Mind sharing more which devices they are and how they ran the game? Not a lot of data points what the “min specs” are.

FWIW I had a Tab S6 Lite that ran the main game reasonably well and was a bit slow/laggy in atlas. It became a slideshow around aligane so I returned it.

Note: on all my devices I turn off high quality water and lighting.

Moto G6: this one is on the lowest settings possible. Great to chat on, terrible to do anything else on. I’m my quick do quests while I’m out. Atlas sucks ass but can run invader. Can’t claim prizes in atlas at all without sync errors. (Funny enough, I always had very active because of the amount of times it made me restart the game)

Galaxy A42 5G: can’t run with low service unlike my moto lol. Has highest settings besides some personal preferences. Runs perfectly majority of the time. Rarely get sync errors. In huge atlas battles I sometimes get the can’t move error but I’m usually running better then most.

Tab S6 lite: on medium with distruction animations off. When I’m going to attack in atlas a lot I turn off “confirm moves to enemy territory” it can have some lag when claiming atlas prizes and aligne is mostly fine. Just takes a few seconds to register my clicks. Freezes about once or twice every minute and it’s only for a few milliseconds. Runs a lot better with atlas setting team color off but I find it ugly. Only turn it off when I’m attacking.

The last is my boyfriend’s phone. Honestly not sure what it is :joy: some good Samsung phone that runs the game really well. I haven’t played too much in atlas with it but it has medium on and my normal preferences.

I get this too :pleading_face: it is very inconvenient when trying to defend my castles