Remove Gold Payout Deterioration

Remove the gold penalty for farming gold.

Giving us the opportunity to farm more gold will allow us to train more troops and possibly increase activity in atlas.


i see no reason to have the decreasing multiplier too, but i really don’t care as my teams are never in shortage of gold anyways. -except the first day of the pm event due to those who were too lazy to have their pms maxed, but that gets fixed pretty fast too.

is there one never noticed lol i know there is a tax but that tax the team controls lol



My demand for gold is way more than elite account can provide me
And it’s a damn chore to keep farming for gold all day!
Please remove the need for gold in troops and primach training
We already have missions every hourly etc, don’t need to waste time for this!

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Either grind for it or pay for it, like any other resource in the game :man_shrugging:

Of all the resource problems in the game, gold is hardly a bottleneck. Lumber is about the only thing that’s more plentiful.


We can use diamonds

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there was a proposal a while ago from someone that gold multipliers could be concentrated. So same overall gold but gained from fewer runs. Like 12 rather than 20. It was a nice suggestion as it would save everyone in the game time regardless of tier, league or wallet size.


You work for PG?

No, but I’m using diamonds.
Also had some generous players share their gold :wink:

Well I’m for removing the deterioration just for the fact that shards also deteriorate.

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One player on the team has Atlas elite and the rest can cancel their subscription and just receive non-deteriorating gold all day long from a single player

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I doubt many teams have a player who wants to do 150 invader runs a day just to give gold to other players for troop building.

There may be. This is the reason why gold deteriorates though. If it didn’t, this is a possibility and PG would lose revenue on Elite.

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U also receive paycheck from PG?

Ah yes, everyone who disagrees must be payed by big pharma, er… pg. Can’t possibly be because the idea is just not great, must be The Conspiracy.


That makes a lot of sense lol. PG should make it deteriorate less, but I understand why they did it in the first place.

Not increase the max you can get, but more consolidate into less runs to get it. So instead of taking 10 runs to get X gold it only takes you 6. The end point would be more of a cliff than a slope, but i’d be ok with that.

Diamond and sapphire teams have way too much gold that they control things beyond they should
They have no qualms about letting gold overflow in bank and wasted
It’s common that small teams have to resort to using scarce rss such as diamonds instead of gold
Even with an elite account there isn’t enough gold to meet the demands of an active players in small teams
That’s one of the things that is creating a widening gap between the bigs and smalls

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Yes there is, if you’re low on gold with elite you’re not nearly as active as you think you are. Farming just multipliers is still around 80m gold a week on the smallest teams, which is really plenty for an active play style.