Remove Invoker restrictions in Crystal Caves

Yay, the 90% Crystal just appeared! Lemme hit that sucker to get the team some good progress!

Not so fast…. this time it requires Invokers to attack it. No problem right, if you’re in the mid 400s and far enough in the breeding paths to be able to breed Invokers or if you were lucky (and by lucky I mean unlucky apparently there was a discount Invoker that was pretty good) enough to get one using sigils during a season. But if you aren’t far enough in the breeding path to have bred an Invoker, or haven’t chosen to get one from one of the seasons, too bad, so sad, you can’t help your team out on that crystal. Sit back and watch while the rest of your team gets those points, or even better, watch while the enemy team that has Invokers blows by you and gets basically a free crystal and a 90% boost to the other 2 available crystals.

This is not right nor fair. Nowhere in the event rules or the various posts from PG on the forums does it state you may be required to have Invokers to attack certain crystals. And what are the odds that all 3 crystals will require Invokers? Now that I look closer, they don’t even mention requiring certain element or classes of dragons either, the rules that is. they do mention requiring specific classes to fly against bomb crystals, thanks for the info @Tecmagus

How about removing the requirement for at least the Invokers? There are only 17 (or thereabouts) of them in game. Requiring them to attack crystals (or anything in the game really) seems to discriminate against anyone below Abyssal Eldritch dragons (basically anyone sub 450ish) which is, wait for it, the newer players in War Dragons :exploding_head::man_facepalming: You know, the players that you want to attract to the game and keep them playing to keep the game going for the long term?

So come on, remove the Invoker requirements already….or go back and add Invokers earlier in the breeding paths (said with much sarcasm cause that wouldn’t go over well at all) and make the event fair for everyone, not just those 450+.

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I’ve got more than enough divine invokers, so i’m fine.

But this is probably a good idea just like how invokers, as in class, are not required from the dragon quests that reward a gold chest. They, so far, have always required either of the elements only (you can use your invoker to do the quests if the element fits, in this case) or 3 original dragon classes; W, S, H, only. But not I.

That also works for me, if pg wants to revamp the whole paths.

Added: (Dead serious, no sarcasm.) → we have discounts, so… older tiers’ invokers won’t cost us much, but just devs’ headache… which is fine by me. :rofl:


I’ve seen it recommended where a specific dragon class (hunter, invoker etc) or type (fire, ice, etc) should give bonus points and not just be the standard.


I think PG has stated in the past that they had no intentions of going back and adding Invokers to earlier tiers, but as with everything else PG said in the past (rainbow stones, past riders, etc) your guess is as good as anyone’s as to if they’ll do it now.


Yeah, like you said after that… i don’t believe a thing they say after they resurrected divines.

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This would be a viable alternative to removing the Invoker requirements altogether. Just change the class requirements to giving a % boost for using that class.

tl;dr: As a new player, Crystal Caves is miserable for me. But it has nothing to do with Invokers which have been good seasonal dragons to get lately, and everything to do with rewarding players for having deep rosters of relevant dragons.

As a newer player myself, I am a bit baffled by the invoker hate here. I joined the game September of last year and it is definitely true that Crystal Caves is by far my most miserable event. But it is because I am expected to have 10 dragons good enough to be relevant in my roster, not just the 2 or 3 one needs for attacks in every other facet of the game (except those that require certain tiers).

However, my misery is somewhat self inflicted. I like staying in a challenging league, so that means doing okay in Gauntlet, Fight Pits, and Temple Raid, then getting frustrated trying to get at least 8 or 9 bonus x10 runs per round in Crystal Caves. I think anyone who is at least level 50-100 could breeze through Crystal Caves in Gold 1. There are the occasional teams with 5 members but they are all level 300+, but you could get the x10 bonuses most rounds and do fine for yourself point-wise.

Ikkuma was the discount dragon last season, and is generally acknowledged to be a very good dragon. It is not too much of a stretch to say that anyone who has been active for the last 6 months and isn’t getting terrible advice would have Ikkuma at the max tier possible for their level. Going back a bit further, Nebulon is also at least a good dragon, and was the festive shortly after Draconic Chests were introduced, so I’d imagine quite a few people have them as well.

0% I believe. Only the “bomb crystals” should have dragon type requirements and I believe you only see one 50% bomb and one 90% bomb per round. I could be wrong here, couldn’t find the details of crystals per round quick enough.

First breedable Invoker is in Eldritch. Oh well, I’ll be there soon.

Crystal Caves rules:

Bombs will spawn with a Dragon Class or Element requirement and will need a matching Dragon to be flown in order to earn points for it.


…i don’t think you read the post… it isn’t about the hate towards invokers.

It is just that the number of invokers that are available for everyone is uncomparably lower than the other 3 types.

(Added: i specifically said “for everyone” to include those who can’t breed lineage invokers.)

I fortunately have picked enough number of divine invokers that I can still wreck bases on my tier. But what of people who didn’t?


I missed that, dang it. So they got me on that point. Oh well, point still stands. Out of the hundreds of dragons you can fly, narrowing it down to ~17 for a bomb crystal is just absurd.

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If only. I’m just off a 3 year break from the game, so I have 0 Invokers. I think I only played one season when Invokers were available, and the first one left a lot to be desired from them. If they’ve made them better, good on PG, but I’m trying to look at it from a new(er) players perspective. Unless the Invoker was the discount, you most likely won’t have one for at least your first few seasons.


My experience so far is that saying, “you need to get divine Invokers to hit bases at your tier,” is true, but Invoker could be replaced by Sorcerer, or Warrior, or Wind dragon, etc. Granted, for those other restrictions you can still use lineage dragons to “hit down” if a low level player is available on the opposing team. But, to me, requiring an obscure dragon class to hit one, maybe two crystals per round (but probable none), is not a big deal.

Not that I’d mind doing away with Invoker requirements on crystals (or any of the crystal restrictions for that matter!)


Very true, yet still seems unfair to those who do not have any (or only a few) invokers, is all I’m saying. :man_shrugging:t2:


This is what I’d like to see and have suggested every CC since the beta. Restricting dragons against live bases is really dumb. Crystals like wind, fire and invoker end up getting left there all round. This just makes them repeating dragon elements over and over and skipping others an issue., especially at end game where our dragons barely last a couple seasons and we almost never even have 3 dragons that can clear maxed towers defended.


I actually kind of like the invoker crystal, the list of dragons is way shorter, so no endless scrolling.

But yeah, they’re quite tough to use for a lot of people which sucks, but while some might not get the invoker crystals, others will struggle with the sorcerer or warrior or hunter crystals because of what they have in their roster.

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I love invokers and hunters. I have a bunch of both.
I can fix ur issues aswell.
When u see a invoker in the season get it okay ?

No. That is terrible advice :expressionless:.


In all honesty the restrictions are just plain stupid cause who in there right mind can hit for good points in Diamond league or sapphire league heck I even struggle with lineage down in platinum these restrictions are pretty lackluster and lame excuse for new content add that with multipliers and it just drains you of more resources.

Guarantee 90% of the people in the top 100 are in sapphire or diamond :joy:

And the top 10 are whales mono I’m sure they feel like these restrictions are stupid also

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