Remove or reduce healing time for all dragons

I would love to use Krelos as much as needed for what he’s perfect at: resources gathering and quick attacks.

@PGKrelos … I mean @PGGalileo Would it be possible to lower it’s regeneration time at Ember’s level?

I’m not talking about healing pots abundance/scarcity or whatnot so, please, don’t go that way.

EDIT: Changing the suggestion to remove or reduce healing time for all dragons


Krelos is a dragon that is indeed very useful but favoritism to one dragon would lead to more requests of giving tweaks to other dragons as well . Look at resurrection line, people are already putting requests for more rainbow stones . So I’m against this and rainbow stuff


Ember is special case because it’s evolution stones are purchasable,
Pg made less heal time , so players will think about buy stone / or equivalent value pack to unlock it’s max ( which helps to destroy higher level farms ) . Pg won’t gain anything on krelos , so probably they won’t change healing time .


Eh, people were doing that long before resurrection lines were announced so you can’t really say it was due to that lol.

On topic: Krelos had a boost during the season, outside of it he should be as normal imo. Especially as not everyone had him so it’d be unfair to other users.

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What I’m suggesting is not a tweak on the dragon but a shortcut to an already established mechanism: healing pots.

It’s not about it’s abilities or functions, it’s just about getting ride of the healing time.

In fact, I think it could be done for every single dragon, it would be beneficial for the players and the game (more activity grinding xp, resources, etc). Healing pots are pretty useless in my opinion.

But this is another topic.


I kind of understand that point.

So maybe getting ride of the healing mechanism would be a better suggestion?


This :point_up:t2: The way I see it, the healing mechanism limits new players because they haven’t built up a stock of healing potions like other people that have been playing for longer - so I’d remove it altogether to help player retention slightly, and to remove potions altogether from chests so it doesn’t dilute other drops. 2 birds, one stone. :woman_shrugging:t2:

To address the topic of this thread more though - as much as I love Krel, I don’t think favoritism is the answer, it never has been. So either remove/reduce heal time for all dragons, or not at all imo. :slight_smile:


i just want the healing time to stop in this game one of the best QOL request that has ever requested.
let us just play the game.


I just want to have all the incubation times reduced to hours… incubation doesnt make sense at all lol


Definitely agreed on that.

I’m currently sitting on +11k healing pots and it doesn’t make sense to wait. This mechanism is obsolete and useless once you have so many healing pots. And once you do you don’t really need to grind lije early in the game, so they stock up.

Just removing healing time mechanism and healing pots from chest would be a good change, I agree.


I would disagree, the healing mechanism in the early stages gets players accustomed to logging in multiple times a day. I’m not saying it’s a good thing, but I understand the purpose from a business standpoint. It paces players so they don’t gorge themselves and move on to something else and establishes behavioral patterns early in game play.

Personally I think healing potions should have higher drop rates from runs. Play more earn the healing potions to keep going. Make it a symbiotic relationship. Promote game play that encourages players to spend time learning how to fly. I don’t know about any one else but I forged healing potions pretty much none stop until I was around level 150ish, if my memory serves. Players would be better served to free up forge space for timers, spells etc. and have a mechanic that keeps them returning to the game.

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There’s other (more effective) ways to do this though imo - logging in to get your daily rewards, egg missions, troops if you have Atlas, free energy during pvp (or logging in for energy reset), logging in during fort for wood from mills if you don’t have Atlas, and the list goes on and on. Having no heal time promotes more activity - I used to be in the same boat of forging nothing but heals, and I fly so much that at some point, I had to stop flying so much to conserve heals. (So it can have the opposite effect)
I remember the breed where I needed to get vulcan and kelvin (as well as other dragons) to breedable and I only had 25 heals to work with - needless to say, it was quite the painful week and I almost didn’t get my breeding goal done because of the heal issue.

I personally think that removing heal time altogether would achieve this better than increasing abundancy of healing potions (cough, hauheset, cough - I may have actually taken the time to learn it more if it weren’t for me not having enough heals back then).

Overall though, these are my 2 cents, and we can agree to disagree. :slight_smile:


I actually agree more with your points, but I get why PG sticks with what they have. If they are set on keeping healing potions in the game however I would like to see them earned by activity rather than awards, chests and forging. Be active to stay active.


Totally agree :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: As far as I know though from a thread I started recently-ish, they’re currently experimenting with a couple stuff for new players, including removal of heal times for early tiers, so who knows what will end up happening.

Heal time is a antiquated point of monetization among many that are polluting the core game!
Improper monetization resulting in over monetization!

As usual it’s a fear of revenue loss that has caused these points of monetization to remain in the game!
Yep to force spending at all levels of play and we wonder why player retention is falling rapidly at low levels and why it’s becoming harder and harder to build a team or recruit in higher leagues !
There are so many redundant points of monetization at low levels the player base health has been rapidly declining and pg can’t properly monetize the map to
Reduce core game monetization!
This inability to properly balance monetization and properly integrate the map has lead to massive IMBALANCE !

Hi gang!

So the suggestion iiiiis:

What’s wrong: There are few sources of healing pots.

Why that’s a problem: I want to play more, but I hate waiting for my durguns to heal. I also can’t expedite that due to too few healing pots.

Fix: Stop healing time altogether and let us play and/or give us more ways to earn healing pots!

Does that sound right?


Modified a bit:

What’s wrong: At low levels, you can still run out of healing potions easily

Why that’s a problem: I want to play more, but I hate waiting for my dragons to heal. I also can’t expedite that due to too few healing pots.

Fix: Stop healing time altogether and let us play, or give low levels (up to maybe 150) a way to earn more healing pots. But not at the expense of other things higher levels need.


More like:

Problem: Healing time acts as a limiting factor for newer players

Why that’s a problem: Decreases player retention

Solution: Do away with healing time/potions - increases player retention, and decreases dilution of other resources in chests due to healing potions, while also giving people the chance to forge more useful stuff instead.


Please be careful with this. As a higher level I have a stash of over 25k healing pots. So adding more to chests/increasing chest drops should NOT be a fix.


This :point_up:Is far more accurate!