Remove passage from atlas

this is becoming dumb that we have to hit plat teams in order to hit our enemy’s where we want @PGGalileo they are dumping land just so they can not be hit so can we please be able to fly anywhere?

many say diamonds hitting plats but they force us to because they are dropping there land so they cant be targeted!

we dont need passage period!

they are using this flaw so they can keep rewards and castles safe so they can do what they want to then the plats disable and u got to slam on them just so you can force them out and be able to move!!


I’m not well-versed enough in atlas to know the resounding impacts of this measure, but I can say that it’s not fun when level 600 diamond players come around to your castle when your highest player is barely 500.

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you also have to look at it both ways they want in they cant why because they cant hit the team they want to because of the lands dropping and need passage but if we did not have passage as a option and can fly anywhere plats wouldnt get that 600 on there land!

or hell if the team is plat we should be able to scoot right across if our levels are bigger then the teams i mean this is getting to be dumb!

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I am down to remove passage but I think if this came to be, the forums would drown in tears.

A potential solution to your problem could be the utilization of hired help. Plenty of platinum “pirate” teams out there. I hear pirates like gold.

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they can go ahead they are the first to to complain of diamonds hitting plat teams yet they hide right behind them

If a Platinum castle is such a problem you can just conquer and then hit your enemy directly.

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and yet you get trapped with them having 500 troops by a 0% glory player while they come and smack you off see where that leads

and yes they see you coming due to notice bots now so alot easier said then done

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Not when they have S/D teams on passage to come protect them :laughing:

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Well if the idea is to hit them then it seems you’ve got the perfect lore. But it sounds like you just want to snipe them endlessly with a small amount of troops so they can’t counter. Having been on a team with access T4s I’m well versed in this behavior.

This is not the way the game mechanics are supposed to work so thankfully there are tools and methods in place to prevent this from happening to many teams.

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so your saying beat on a plat team even if 500+ because that is what it sounds like with you saying diamonds hiding behind plat teams to not be hit is a game mech

Lol, no I’m saying either:

  1. Bubble them
  2. Wait out delay and be prepared to counter if they see you coming
  3. Take the castle
  4. Make arrangements to be on their passage list and be prepared to protect them
  5. Attack one of the many higher level teams with T3 & T4 castles

Lots of choices with pros and cons that doesn’t required messing with game mechanics. Keep in mind that as a high level Pirate I’m all for this change as it will make it easier to hit your castles for easy glory.

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it will make more action and that is what we all want! remember it is stagnant

If “action” is your issue then maybe you need to leave your alliance and open up your world. Seems you have a large no hit list that limits your targets.

I can hit pretty much 24x7 if I want so “action” doesn’t seem to be a problem. Problem is having to eat lousy glory to hit the specific target you want which is a mega alliance problem.


yet i do not see what you did not get? dumping land or hiding behind plat teams?

im not here to argue because both sides lower diamond 1 to sap so makes no difference any way you spill it out it is becoming stupid lol

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I see that and I call it a wise strategy where you reduce the time required to defend, while accepting the reduced castle rewards, and allow your team to be offensive.

This is smart play when all the top teams are working together and there is a huge vacuum at the top.

My last team make these strategic decisions and I praise those leaders for there foresight in making the changes. Sure we had no T4 and the associated bonuses but after spending a week next to a team that rhymes with dead it’s the smart way.

Teams aren’t here just so you can play the way you want.


Remove all bot access to Atlas, watch fires burning across the Atlas map.
Just kidding I love the bots beepityboop…


Like how this guy thinks, down with bots :woman_zombie:

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