Remove RIDERS from Roster or Sort by Combat Level

I’d like to be able to remove riders from my roster who are pretty much useless to me. I know you can use them for lower gear and for missions, etc… but some are so low (like my Oksana and Kayla which I only got the first rider shards for) that they are essentially useless and I have other riders for secondary levels of gear, third set of gear, etc… plus as we get more and more riders we really need this function.

I would prefer to just delete them right out of my roster.

But if we can’t do that, can you please make the Riders sorted default by COMBAT LEVEL??? That would be very helpful so that we only see the best riders first and all the junky ones on the bottom.



Or at least let us rename them. They’re sorted by name now as far as I can tell (except unbonded riders), so you could just call them zzze-useless and bond them to Alikorn or something to get them stowed away.


This doesn’t address the sort issue, but it does provide for a needed level of rider management:

Make a 3rd tab, so we have Hired/Unhired/Retired
And allow us to move any rider to/from retired (probably unbonding them I would think)


This is a good point and alphabetical order is far from an ideal way to sort them. idk, if baser combat level or level with gear on is best, but either is better than the current design.

I’d actually go for a slight variant:

Allow sorting by combat level/buffs (to facilitate placement on dragons)


Remove the cap on rider missions (to allow weaker riders to retain value)

Unhiring Riders (aka firing them) would be mean. After all the loyalty they’ve shown you you’re just going to dump them for someone younger? Dont be a Kuzco, they might come back to poison your drink and turn you into a llama

I do think we should be able to rename riders or sort them by combat level though.


So… probably a tab “unbonded” and the default tab “bonded” may do the trick?

LOL How about we sacrifice them to recycle 1 tower each. Make like a ceremony where a dragon incinerates them LOL That would be nice :slight_smile:

I know a certain dragon that can Incinerate :smirk:

And an active

Unhired, Bonded and Unbonded makes the most sense to me… but combat sort compared to name sort would be an improvement.

It’s not unusual for a rider to be unbonded for a minute or two when you’re swapping riders, though.

Why even bother making a suggestion post? 99.9 % of them go ignored anyway :man_shrugging:.


I suggested they re-use the shrine dragon spot to test out new mythics to see if we actually like them before committing to them. I like to think they listened to me and put in place my idea :slight_smile:

I suggest that PG at least comments on suggestions and give us the reassurance that they are “looking into it”. :joy::joy::joy:

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