Remove Seasonal Dragons From Top Three

In order to keep better track of breeding progression with players on our teams and to see where a new applicant is at with their breeding, I would like to suggest removing Seasonal Divine dragons from the top three dragons in a players profile.

Edit: As NigheanIIDonn pointed out, this wouldn’t necessarily give the information I was looking for with this suggestion. However, some other way to see where players are at with their breeding progression would really be helpful.


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Or you could just ask them and not have the developers waste time recoding what is shown.


You can estimate breeding lvl based on attack lvl. So you can see, does your team mate have gold, platinum or other evolution. Dragons won’t tell much - may be that guy just breeds each and every dragon.

I get those dragons babes to hit puberty then retire them. Currently only 2 dragon in my hand are from normal breeding. And they don’t accurately depict where I am in my breeding path.
Although I see your frustration, there would be many instances where it still wouldn’t truly show the players dragon progression.


How about we just go back to a previously suggested idea of putting “stats” on someone’s profile? Those stats should include: Activity, Dragon tier, Lvl, AP, DP, Medals and Flames earned. Just an idea​:wink::slight_smile:


Good point. Thanks for the thought out response. It would be nice to see where people are at without having to constantly ask everyone.

Kinda difficult, emrald tier looks like garnet boosted. Obsidian is pretty obvious. And more to harbringer. But again, its hard to recognize garnet and emerald .

Really hope that to garnet and emerald, people are aware of breeding paths :slight_smile:

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