Remove the wall

Can we remove this wall, for who flying with hunter that wall is rly annoyed :unamused: It’s blocked attack make a unnecessary delay of attack, I know we can destroy it on island ( or whatever you called) right before it but still don’t like it.

I like the idea of breaking into the castle personally

You can destroy the wall before turning the corner

@PGJared loves the wall!! (I’m just joking)

However, I agree the hitbox for that wall needs to be 10x bigger.

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Ssh, they might make it 10x smaller now :joy: just for you

You cant destroy the wall if base starts from 5th island :man_shrugging:t2:
I would also say to remove it, it causes alot of hassles lol

Trump likes big walls aswell. im worried haha

The idea of that wall is fine but It shouldn’t block dragons attack :frowning: Make it further to the front, be a man stop hiding behind the wall :joy::joy::joy:

Mr. Gorbachev…

tear down this wall!


If you don’t know by now how to kill this wall before you turn into it, you’ve not experimented enough.

I already said I known how to destroy wall before approach, I just wanna say that wall should not block dragons attack or spell.


Experimented enough :thinking:

Tell me how to experiment when base starts from island 5 ?? You smart man :slight_smile:

The on,y thing about that wall should be the fact you can snipe from a tight angle.

What’s the point of defences if they make an attack easy?

that wall just got 10ft higher

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