Removing League Rank from Team Influence

Effective immediately, Atlas Influence is no longer calculated with your Team’s League Rank factored in. The original intent of including League Rank into Influence was to better show a team’s combined prowess both in the regular game and in Atlas, but has led to some unintended behaviors with respect to Glory scaling.

Influence is now based on only two factors:

  • Castle ownership
    • All of the castles you own are counted.
    • Counts Castle Level, not castle infrastructure levels
  • Troops owned by your team
    • Only living Personal Troops
      • Troops in the Barracks and on your Primarchs count
      • Revivable Troops do not count
      • Castle Guards do not count

does this include Castle Guards?

So…go forth and get more level 2/3s. Got it.

No. Only Offensive Troops.

(Edited main post to add this detail too)


Just to be crystal clear with terminology.

Troops at the barracks count as living personal troops, correct? (I’m asking because a rumor existed that previous calc excluded troops not on a primarch)

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It’s always better to be cautious! Yes, Barracks Troops count as being among the living.


So this morning, I could scan nml and players at/above my player level showed 100% glory… tonight i have seen numerous players 20+ levels above me only worth 77% glory OR LESS. It could be coincidence that I never recall seeing anyone at/above my level for less than full glory, but seems unlikely due to the timing of this league rank change to glory calculation.

With as heavily defended as atlas attacks always are, I personally don’t find it reasonable to have to hit way above your level for 100% glory. I think this takes anti grieving in the wrong direction.

Increasing the level you hit will change nothing. Bigger teams will still have smaller players. And smaller teams larger players.

This is due to teams ranked below you. The change means your team was ranked higher in the new ranking system and you now have many teams below you that due to their team are worth less.

I guess the question is do you think your team deserves the higher influence rank or not. I have no idea how accurate it is this time around.

I get it. I was implying that I don’t agree with the current ranking system as it relates to glory.

For example: I just came across a level 247 on the 182nd ranked team (a Sapphire 2 team). He is only worth 87% glory to me, a 211 on the 150th ranked team. My team is platinum 2, with a whopping 2 castles (both level 2) - hardly an Atlas powerhouse (as much as I do love my team lol). We’re ranked higher as a team why - just because we may have one more castle than they do? Does that really make us ‘stronger’?

Yeah. I think it’s a change in a positive direction, but I too am seeing some unexpected and probably wrong ranking results.

Some sapphire teams really aren’t that strong in atlas, which is why this change was needed.

Castles isn’t it. I think number of troops is far more relevant than castles. For example my team has only 3 castles and somehow is ranked far lower than yours.

I can pretty much promise you the number of castles has almost zero to do with your rank. I’m not yet sure if there is a glitch with ranking or not. Does your team have a lot of troops? If not something is probably wrong.

The disconnect is ‘strong in atlas’ I think, as it pertains to glory. The team I referred to should be able to beat us pretty handily in wars or events, etc… there’s no logical reason they should be worth less glory, when their team as a whole is stronger in every measurable way aside from MAYBE troop count (which I am not sure about - I really don’t think we have a massive amount of troops, we’ve only had access to Atlas around 7 weeks and don’t have any whales dropping mortgages). So again, I contend that this is a move in the wrong direction, or like @EidolonRM said, it’s potentially a glitch.

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